Planning for Effective Public Participation (2-day course)

  • May 14, 2012
  • May 15, 2012
  • Arlington, VA

This 2-day Planning class is critical for developing effective public participation. Using IAP2’s Spectrum for Public Participation, you’ll learn how to establish clear and achievable objectives for a public involvement program and how to define the promise to the public. Course materials include exercises using IAP2’s five steps for planning effective public participation. You’ll learn how to guide your organization in conducting public involvement and how to plan for the timing, techniques, and resources needed to make citizen engagement a success.

You’ll also learn the practical importance of the IAP2 Core Values and how the IAP2 Code of Ethics relates to both practitioners and clients.

The detailed real world examples and practical hands-on exercises will give you the tools needed to build realistic public consensus among your stakeholders.

Note: Planning for Effective Public Participation is a prerequisite for all other IAP2 Public Participation Certificate training.

Trainers: Doug Sarno

Cost: $630 (IAP2 USA members), $700 (non-members)

Early bird discount:Register and pay by 04/23/12 or $560 (IAP2 USA members), $590 (non-members).


League of Extraordinary Trainers (make sure to contact Extraordinary Trainers directly to take advantage of IAP2 USA Member discounts: or 720-237-9175)

Note: Planning for Effective Public Participation is a prerequisite for the Communications and Techniques classes.

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