From The Executive Manager's Desk : Gail Madziar

The Foundations Program is the core of our IAP2 USA P2 fundamentals training. When the COVID 19 pandemic hit all our classes were canceled or postponed like much of the professional development across the country and the world. Since then our US trainers have been working hard to move this important offering to an online format. We are thrilled to announce those classes are now available. 

In addition, our entire curriculum will soon be offered online. New courses addressing inclusion, diversity and virtual skills are in the works. Will online learning be the future of our professional development at IAP2 USA? No one can answer that for sure, but we do know that we will continue to provide this resource for as long as it is needed by our members and community. Quite frankly we don’t see online training ever going away completely. We hope, as we move into the future,we can add back the conferences and in person meetings we had all taken for granted up until now. We look forward to those face to face meetings and the opportunities to learn from one another during sessions, on our breaks and in the hallways. 

But now, we are embracing changes and new opportunities. The importance of ongoing professional development cannot be overstated. As a P2 professional it is your personal responsibility to keep your knowledge and skills current so you can deliver high quality service to your clients and your communities. As an individual helping to ensure all voices are heard, you will not find a more talented and dedicated group of trainers and colleagues. 

The Participation Company is the first of our US trainers offering the IAP2 program online. Module One introduces a proven method for planning effective public participation and Module Two equips students with 40 plus diverse methods for accomplishing engagement objectives.  Both courses are delivered in half-day sessions full of interactive exercises and opportunities to get to work with your fellow students virtually.  Class size, as always, is limited to 25 students to provide the maximum opportunity to learn.

Watch for more courses and training opportunities from IAP2 USA each Thursday in our training newsletter. Please contact me with your questions or ideas. I would love to hear from you.

Planning for Effective Public Participation 5- 3.5 Hour Days CM I18 CM 

Techniques for Effective Public Participation 4- 3.5 Hour Days CM I12 CM

Early Bird Deadline: 8/6/20  Last Day to Register: 8/6/20

Early Bird Deadline: 9/4/20  Last Day to Register: 9/17/20

Early Bird Deadline: 10/9/20  Last Day to Register: 10/22/20

Early Bird Deadline: 11/5/20  Last Day to Register: 11/17/20

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