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The Midwest Chapter needs members to join three committees that help plan and carry-out chapter activities:
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  • Conference Planning (annual in-person or virtual professional development and networking gatherings for members)
  • Training (professional IAP2 trainings offered to Midwest members with accessible locations and costs)

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Changes to Your IAP2 USA Midwest Chapter Board

Two New Members, Two Re-Elected Members, Two Members Ending Their Terms

Last month, four positions on the IAP2 USA Midwest Chapter Board were open for self-nominations. Two current board members and two new individuals applied to fill the seats. Since the number of nominations was equal to the number of open positions, elections will not be held this year.

The Midwest Chapter Board is pleased to announce the following:

Myles Alexander, Wisconsin, has been named to another term (above left)
David Rubedor, Minnesota, has been named to another term (above right)
Andrea Gebhart, Nebraska, has joined the board for her first term (below left)
Daniel Pfeiffer, Minnesota, has joined the board for his first term (below right)

We thank Myles and David for their continuing service to the chapter, and welcome Andrea and Daniel to the board! Information on each new and returning member, from the self-nomination forms, is available here.

We are also immensely thankful for the years of service of two board members whose terms are ending. Emma Klues, Missouri, (below left) and Kayla Coleman, Michigan, (below right) were instrumental in reorganizing the Midwest Chapter, took lead roles in planning conferences and trainings, and organized membership outreach activities, among other contributions of time and talent, during their board tenures.

Thank you, Emma and Kayla!

Below is a list of the 2021 Midwest Chapter Board of Directors:

Myles Alexander, Wisconsin 
Chloe Cahill, Nebraska
Anne Carroll, Minnesota
Andrea Gebhart, Nebraska
MJ Lamon, Minnesota
Heather Lasher Todd, Missouri
Daniel Pfeiffer, Minnesota
David Rubedor, Minnesota

Geographic Area: We are happy to serve members and friends in the states shown on the map. Our growing membership  is now nearly 180.

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