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The Midwest Chapter spans 12 states, making it the largest geographic chapter of IAP2 USA. We are happy to serve IAP2 members and friends who reside in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.

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2024 Spring Conference

Save the Date! 

The Spring 2024 IAP2 Midwest Conference: Spark Connections that Matter! will take place April 17-19 at the Thompson Center at the University of Nebraska Omaha. We look forward to seeing you there! Stayed tuned for more details.

Submit a Conference Proposal by January 21, 2024

Whether you are a public sector engagement specialist, nonprofit leader, government planner, community organizer, or consultant, we invite you to present and attend the conference. We welcome seasoned and new practitioners, and those interested in working in this sector. Click here if you're interested in more information or want to submit a proposal.

P2 brings people together to work through issues that matter, which can spark a connection to their community and neighbors that is life-lasting. Think about designing a session that maximizes new connections among attendees and a variety of ways to connect communities across cultures, languages, and backgrounds. Ask yourself:

  • How can P2 contribute to overcoming isolation in a post-pandemic era?
  • How do you reach individuals and organizations that inspire, lead, and grow connections with the community?

Deadline: Proposals are due by 11:59 p.m. Central time on Sunday, January 21, 2024. Submit here.

Questions? Please reach out to any of the below to discuss your ideas or get more information.

Meet our Board of Directors

The Midwest Chapter Board of Directors has nine seats of staggered three-year terms. As part of the chapter's annual election, the call for self-nominations to the board is issued in October, with the election occurring in November. 
Term Years: 2022-2023    
Anne Carroll   MJ Lamon  Emily Larson
Anne Carroll

MJ Lamon

Click here to email MJ

Emily Larson
*2023 Secretary
Click here to email Emily

"I'm committed to working on action-oriented teams; actively advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our chapter and in the in the work we all do; and to supporting others to develop or expand their leadership roles and contributions."

 "I am always drawn to serve in capacities that create spaces for others to learn and grow. Serving on a board is one role and leading committees is how we get the work done. My arranger, activator and strategic strengths allow me to make things happen by turning thoughts into action, organize with flexibility, and find routes to move work forward."

 "In my organization, I am a leader in facilitation and participatory methods. I bring this experience and focus to my work on the board. After filling a partial term on the board (2021), I feel I am just getting started with ideas and efforts around member engagement in our organization and am honored to continue that work."

Term Years: 2022-2024    
Edell Fiedler  Heather Lasher Todd  Josie Shardlow 
Edell Fiedler
Click here to email Edell

Heather Lasher Todd
*2023 President
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Josie Shardlow
Click here to email Josie

 "I am a team player who collaborates with people across various city service areas, other jurisdictions, and the non-profit and business sectors to help achieve the best possible outcomes. I am committed to using a diversity lens in the communications and engagement work I do."

 "I have really enjoyed being a part of reviving this Midwest Chapter, and I am so excited about where we are headed! There is much work to be done as we look toward our 2023 spring conference in MN and work to engage with our geographically large membership."

 "I bring a passion for the field of community engagement/public participation to be a catalyst to advance our communities’ racial equity, diversity and inclusion goals. I look forward to encouraging others to attend the conference and other events we initiate."

Term Years: 2023-2025    
 Michelle Bennett  Andrea Gebhart  Dan Pfeiffer
Michelle Bennett
Click here to email Michelle

 Andrea Gebhart

Dan Pfeiffer
*2023 Treasurer
Click here to email Dan

"I will share my planning experience working on the ground in Michigan engaging with rural, suburban, and urban residents of all backgrounds. I will bring an honest perspective about the merits of doing engagement well and the danger to doing it poorly."

"Using my strengths, I would love to help grow the P2 profession and better establish it as a known professional practice throughout the Midwest. Through strategic collaboration and organized information and resource sharing, we can enhance the P2 work for many project types and communities in the Midwest (and beyond)."

"I want to continue to bring my planning, leadership, and decision-making skills to the board and continue to expand our membership and recognition. In doing this, we elevate the importance of participatory governance and can help be a positive influence in the communities we work."

Past Events

December 13 2023 Virtual Session, 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

Making Inroads: New Voices in Old Places

Register here

Although many agree that engaging community voices in the decision-making process can lead to better outcomes, it is never easy to bring new voices to old places. From confusion and resistance to inroads and lessons learned, Allison Bell and Rachel Lieser will share how to make pioneering engagement initiatives as successful as possible. Join us and discover ways to: 

  • Structure project plans and contracts to enable innovation. 
  • Build internal support for organizational change. 
  • Set up engagement projects for success. 

October 2023 Virtual Session

AI-Powered City Planning: The Future of Community Engagement Confirmation

If you missed the October presentation on AI in engagement and planning, you can catch up by viewing the recording! This was a favorite presentation from our 2023 conference, which presenter David Jurca of Seventh Hill in Cleveland brought back for a follow-up session.

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