Rebecca Zito
Senior Manager of Public Affairs, Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, Pittsburgh, PA

Rebecca is the senior manager of public affairs for the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority. Pittsburgh has a stormwater problem. The impacts of too much rain, falling too fast cause streets to flood, basements to backup, and sewage to overflow into our rivers and streams. The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority is taking on more responsibility to manage stormwater for the City of Pittsburgh. In 2018, Rebecca establish a Stormwater Advisory Group comprised of 20 high level community stakeholders from the public and private sector. This group was tasked with developing a series of recommendations that would serve as the foundation for the stormwater fee. Their findings, established in 2019 were developed collaboratively and used as the guiding principles when the fee was proposed to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission earlier this year. 

Rebecca is a firm believer in the public process and believe that it is necessary for implementing lasting and positive change in communities of all sizes. This is one form of public participation that she views as being essential for IAP2 to share with its members and encourage other communities to initiate. 

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