About IAP2 USA

IAP2 USA is a nationwide organization that leads, advances and advocates for best practices in public participation. It is a home and community for people who believe good decisions can be made together. 

We provide members with tools and techniques via conferences, trainings, professional certification, research, mentorship and access to a community of more than 2,500 members across 48 states to support establishment of good practices so that quality participation can occur.

Members adhere to a Code of Ethics that guide us in our practice and enhance the integrity of the public participation process.

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What is P2?

IAP2 views public participation as any process that involves the public in problem solving or decision making and uses public input to make decisions. Public participation includes all aspects of identifying problems and opportunities, developing alternatives and making decisions. It uses tools and techniques that are common to a number of dispute resolution and communications fields. Public entities are increasingly bringing the people they serve into the decision-making process: IAP2 and Public Entities

Hear from some long-time IAP2 members about what the organization is all about.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We envision a country where public participation is deeply embedded and widely applied, and where equitable, efficient, and informed decision-making processes improve the quality of our democracy.

Our Mission

IAP2 USA leads, advances, and advocates for best practices in public participation.

Our Core Values

An essential aspect of our community is our Core Values. These values make our organization unique and define the expectations and aspirations of the public participation process.

Our Plan

2022-2024 Strategic Plan

Brochure and Talking Points

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Background & Structure

IAP2 USA was organized in 2010 as an Affiliate of IAP2, which was founded in 1990 in North America. A key differentiator between us and similar organizations is the decision-oriented, objective-driven, and values-based conceptual design for public participation that is at the center of the IAP2 approach. While many organizations focus on a particular technique, IAP2 has always emphasized the importance of program design and goals identification as a precursor and prerequisite for developing effective and meaningful public participation.

IAP2 USA is continuing to grow our leadership position in the United States by being a preferred provider of the approach, concepts, and tools to elevate the quality and integrity of public participation.

IAP2 USA is a private, nonprofit, membership organization currently serving around 500 members – in public agencies, academia, consulting firms, and nonprofits, and ranging from college students to seasoned professionals. Our regional chapters provide members with local networking and collaboration opportunities.

Foundational Documents

How do Chapters work?

IAP2 USA includes eight regional chapters, each with its own Board of Directors to plan activities specific to their region.
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    1. Communications, to identify and deliver the content necessary to meet our members’ needs.
    2. Membership, to increase and strengthen membership numbers and diversity, a critical imperative for our membership-based organization.
    3. Chapter Relations, to enhance and support the symbiotic relationship between the Affiliate and chapters, and build additional chapter capacity.
    4. Training, to identify, sponsor, and where feasible, develop training to serve our members’ needs.
    5. Strategic Planning, to ensure strategic analysis is maintained as an ongoing function.
    6. Strategic Alliances, to support the field of public participation, and network with similar-minded organizations, and provide guidance to elected officials and government agencies.
    7. North American Conference, to prepare for the IAP2 USA-hosted 2015 North American conference.

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