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The Greater Good   - Emerging Leader Award

The Greater Good - Emerging Leader Award has been created in recognition of emerging leadership. This award is for people who are under 35 and/or have fewer than five years in the practice and are making a new impact on the public participation profession. The selection of the honorees is made by the IAP2 USA President, and awards are given at the IAP2 North American Conference.

The first of these awards was announced at the 2018 IAP2 North American Conference in Victoria, BC. The 2019 Greater Good - Emerging Leader Award will be announce at the 2019 IAP2 North American Conference In Charlotte, North Carolina!

2018 Greater Good - Emerging Leader Award Winner

A tireless champion of good communications and community engagement, in little more than 8 years, Francesca Patricolo has established a P2 student chapter at the University of Oregon, participated on the Cascade Chapter executive committee, established her own P2 consultancy, served on the IAP2 USA Board of Directors, served as USA representative to the IAP2 Federation and now serves as President of the Cascade Chapter. Francesca has also been passionate about helping young people become involved in the practice of P2 and advancing the cause of equity and diversity within P2.

Francesca Patricolo (left) & President Leah Jaramillo (right)

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