From the Executive Manager's Desk: Is it time to step up to leadership?

June 2021 Message: Gail Madziar, Executive Manager, IAP2 USA

Is it time to step up to leadership?

Nominations for the 2022-2024 IAP2 USA Board of Directors elections are now open. Consider nominating yourself or encouraging a staff member or colleague to apply. 

According to the Center for Nonprofit Excellence, board service offers distinct advantages to both the employee and their employer. These are related to diversity and inclusion, innovation, and community. Companies gain from their employees’ experiences since board service puts volunteers in contact with people who backgrounds, experiences, and identities are different than their own. Through this contact and experience, “board service significantly contributes to people gaining appreciation for diversity and inclusion, while also developing empathy,” says Alice Korngold of the World Environment Center. Employees who grow in these areas help support an inclusive work environment.

IAP2 USA needs candidates with a variety of professional expertise, cultural backgrounds, spectrum of life experiences, and geographic reach. This year’s board needs visionary and enthusiastic leaders intent on guiding the organization into the future.

By serving on the IAP2 USA IAP2 board you will not only give back to your profession, you will develop leadership skills and increase your knowledge and passion for the public participation practice while you expand your P2 network and horizons.

To nominate yourself submit a Nomination form. For additional information review the Nominations Information Package.

IAP2 USA elections will include nomination and selection of the IAP2 International Board’s USA Representative. For more information see the IAP2 International position description.

For questions contact Gail Madziar, Executive Manager, IAP2 USA at

Gail Madziar

Executive Manager


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