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Fan Favorite: August 2017 Learning Webinar

"Understanding the Squishy Stuff" + "Are We Smarter Together?"

Good P2 makes for better decisions, and good P2 with a well-informed public makes for the best decisions of all. But when it comes to science and policy in environmental issues, how do you engage people well enough to keep them engaged? Mark Szabo struck a very responsive chord with attendees at the 2016 IAP2 North American Conference in Montreal when he addressed the question of understanding "squishy stuff": people rated his session very highly. Now it's your opportunity to learn from what he's learned and apply it to your own work. 

Meantime, Jacques Benard questions whether collective intelligence is really the best way to go and asks, "Are We Smarter Together?" The answers he's come up with might surprise you.

Here is a chance to catch two session presentations from the 2016 North American Conference in Montreal, and whet your appetite for next month's IAP2 North American Conference in Denver.

Review Jacques' session submission here.
Review Mark's submission here.

Webinar Recording

Mark Szabo's slide deck

Jacques Benard's slide deck

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