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NEW - January 17, 2023 Learning Webinar

Crossing the Divide in Times of Polarization

We live in turbulent and polarized times and building trust and creating space for constructive conversations can seem like an impossible challenge. Thinking that the way out of the mess we are in is more of what got us here, we need to re-imagine the way we interact, connect with communities and create space for the conversations that matter most. Sharing stories of challenge, heartache and humour, we will cover:

  • What is happening in the public arena

  • What it takes to make change in the systems, structures and ways of interacting that are no longer serving us

  • What you can do to create deeper understanding, build trust and relationships and increase connection so your results and outcomes improve

  • How to increase your capacity to lead brave, honest conversations

 Follow-up Materials

Speaker: Stephani Roy McCallum

Steph Roy McCallum is a facilitator, coach, trainer and leader of the most difficult conversations of our lives. She is author of the recently released book Leading Together: How Brave, Honest Conversations Can Transform Our Lives, Organizations and Communities (available November 17, 2022). With her heart on her sleeve and a deep breath for courage, she wades into the messy, important, beautiful conversations that can bring us together - or tear us apart. Her work  in conflict transformation has taken her to 5 continents, leading brave, honest conversations to solve the challenges in our lives, organizations and communities – together. She is an IAP2 Trainer, course developer and co-lead of the new IAP2 Global Learning Pathway being launched in 2023. A mother of four amazing humans and one fur child, Steph spends most of her time on Wolfe Island, Canada with her partner in life, exploring nature and dreaming of the next adventure.

Fan Favorite: July 2019 Learning Webinar

"Not Just Dragons"

Victoria Encore: "Not Just Dragons" - in which Miranda Eng talks about what she's learned and what people can put to use in P2 processes when working with "communities of color". In her case, that meant residents of Vancouver BC's Chinatown.

Fan Favorite: November 2019 Learning Webinar

"Walk It Like You Talk It"

Liz Styron and Kaleia Martin of YES! Youth Empowerment Solutions reprise their keynote presentation on the necessity to bring youth to "the table" and to make sure that approach is integrated with racial equity.

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