January 2021 Newsletter

A Message From Your President - Gwen Howard

January Message: Gwen Howard, President, IAP2 USA

Happy New Year to our IAP2 USA community! I hope this message finds you and your families safe and well.

Okay, before we exhale, grateful we are coming out of tough 2020 and hopeful for what 2021 will bring, I'd like to take a second to pause and reflect. I want to share with you what YOU, our members, did in 2020 as we became a more nimble organization.   

  • You responded and adapted to the organization’s move to an all virtual  learning environment;  
  • You helped grow our membership at a rather unexpected and surprising pace;
  • You participated in training and webinars in very encouraging numbers; and
  • You helped the organization continue to remain financially viable and stable. 

So THANK YOU for all you did in getting us through 2020 and advancing the practice. 

As 2020 is now hindsight it also has become foresight for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for IAP2 USA in 2021, and potentially beyond.  But before we get to that part, let’s talk about what is planned for this year:

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  From the Executive Manager's Desk - Gail Madziar

January Message: Gail Madziar, Executive Manager, IAP2 USA

Why should I volunteer? We’re asking you to answer our call for volunteers this week and you may have asked yourself that very question. 

In my many years of association management, the most compelling answer to that question came from a board member who once told me, “during my service on the board of directors, I can honestly say that I learned something valuable from every single member.” This board member was a very experienced practitioner in her field, and I know she had mentored and trained many up-and-coming colleagues. We all know that our peers can be our best teachers. How many times have you learned something more useful in the hallway conversation than you did sitting through a session at a conference? Another volunteer told me she felt compelled to give back to an industry that made it possible for her to have such a successful career and good life for her family. 

We all have our own reasons for contributing to our membership organizations. But whatever the reason, there is always a reward. Your colleagues and peers are your supporters, mentors, and sometimes simply a welcome shoulder when things don’t go quite right. Whatever your reason, we would to have you join us.

Volunteer Today

Join a Committee -  2021 Call for Volunteers

The 2021 Call for Volunteers is now open! Take advantage of the opportunity to make a difference in the P2 community. If you're interested in growing personally or professionally while contributing to your organization, we have a place for you.

Books on Wheels Volunteer Orientation | Events | Pima County Public Library

  • Develop your leadership skills

  • Grow your professional network 

  • Further your career

  • Get up on the latest trends, 

  • Create professional relationships

  • Contribute to your P2 community 

We encourage you to explore the many avenues available to connect with your IAP2 USA and your colleagues. Review the committee descriptions. 

Deadline February 22, 2021

Volunteer Today

2021 North American Virtual Conference: Get Involved

We did it before - we can do it again - create an informative, transformative and fun North American Conference in a virtual environment! The Conference is set for September 8-10; so please consider bringing your talents and passions to one of the committees.

Sponsorship Committee

Or consider the Sponsorship Committee, coming up with relevant, compelling ways that our various partners can support the conference. The groundwork has already been laid over years of success: here’s a great opportunity to help the organization and make new, valuable connections in the process. Read the job description and apply hereDeadline to apply: January 31, 2021.

Fun & Networking Committee

And then there’s the Fun and Networking Committee, which handles the social aspect of the conference. The 2020 Conference showed what’s possible, for helping people to connect and have some fun online; bring your creative ideas and build on that success. Read the job description and apply here. Deadline to apply: January 31, 2021

Don’t delay! The deadlines to apply are coming up quickly!

Webniar Recordings -  Available free to Members On-Demand

All of our past webinars are available to members who are logged into iap2usa.org. Just click here and you will be prompted to login when you go to the Webinar Archives.

January Webinars

Measuring What Matters

The practice of evaluation means we can be more confident in our decision-making, adapt to circumstances and achieve our goals effectively and efficiently. In this Taster Maria deBruijn explores how to support your organization’s goals by building on the fundamental elements of evaluation in P2. She touches on the levels of P2 evaluation and the four main purposes.

Walking Together


Partnerships are All About Relationships

Cooperative efforts between public agencies and Indigenous communities take the stage, as we present two “NAC Encores”. Walking Together tells the story of how a racial slur led to a cultural reconciliation at Alberta Health Services. Partnerships are All About Relationships describes how the Government of Canada has been working with ten Indigenous groups, literally from coast to coast to coast, to develop a web-based system for providing maritime data to local communities.

View these and other webinars in our Webinar Archives

Featured Course - Virtual Learning: A Master Class

New 90 Minute Course

2: 00 - 3:30 pm EST

February 11, 2021

Trainer: Kim Hyshka, CP3

Kim Hyshka

Join a 90 minute session where we co-create a shared understanding how best to engage your participants, lead dynamic, energized creative conversations all the while leaving people feeling inspired, willing and eager to join your next online meeting! No fancy tools, platforms or gadgets required!

Expect to walk away with:

  • Knowledge of traditional online meeting norms that lead to sterile, stuffy space 
  • A how-to guide for setting the best tone and environment 
  • Three key fundamentals to “reading the online room” 
  • An assessment your own unique online presence 
  • Identify where to lean in and how to adapt


Upcoming Webinars

 February 9 - Learning Webinar: Re-Inventing Communications Approaches 

What do a superhero, a pop-up bar, and a mural all have in common? These are just a few of the creative initiatives executed by the Philadelphia Water Department which aim to inspire environmental stewardship, drive infrastructure investments with public input, and build trust for tap water among its customers. Learn how this municipal water utility is becoming more approachable than ever. Thanks to campaigns informed by community research -- including art installation and Philly's protector of water quality, Water Woman -- residents have been engaged in conversations about water quality and sustainability in historically underserved neighborhoods and beyond.

You'll learn how to:

  • Develop creative solutions to interpreting science-based concepts across demographics

  • Use qualitative and quantitative data to shape public engagement campaigns

  • Integrate local art/talent to connect your message with diverse communities   Register

February 16 - Webinar: IAP2 International Organization of the Year (Re-scheduled from January 12)

Does your organization have a culture of P2? Is consulting the public “first and throughout” part of its makeup? Do you want to learn ways of bringing that culture into your organization? It takes commitment, persistence and patience: the Nova Scotia Health Authority took five years to build that culture. But the work paid off, both with the culture of P2 and in being named 2020 IAP2 Organization of the Year for both Canada and Internationally. Register 

All Upcoming Webinars

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