Cassie Hemphill, CP3
Consultant, Missoula, MT

Cassie was introduced to P2 in 1992 when she moved to southeast Idaho to support the U.S. Department of Energy on Superfund environmental clean-up projects. Prior to that time, she worked in internal communications and IT management in scientific research and law. In 1998, she began my own consulting business, managing P2 contracts as project manager and team lead. During her first decade in P2, she learned that some decision-makers, project teams, and regulators embraced P2, while others didn’t. Wondering why this should be and how it affects the outcomes, she returned to graduate school where she conducted research and began teaching others about best practices in community engagement. Since 2005, she has had one foot in academia and the other in practice, sometimes teaching full-time; sometimes consulting full-time; and sometimes trying to fit both into a 24-hour day! She continues to practice P2 part-time, primarily supporting community-based initiatives pro bono and convening community conversations about difficult topics. She also delivers community training to build capacity to participate in decision-making processes.

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