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Looking for ways to further your career, get up on the latest trends, enhance your network, create professional relationships, or give back to your P2 community? We encourage you to explore the many avenues available to connect with your IAP2 USA and your colleagues. Committee direction and initiatives are approved by the Board as they assist the Board in moving forward the organization’s work.

Don't Miss Out on Your Opportunity to Make a Difference in P2

The Call for 2023 Committee Volunteers is open through 12/1/2022

Take advantage of the opportunity to make a difference in the P2 community. Develop your leadership skills and grow your professional network by volunteering to serve on a committee. If you're interested in growing personally or professionally, we have a place for you! 

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2024 IAP2 USA Board of Directors Election

The 2024 Board of Directors 
nominations are open June 15, 2023 through July 15, 2023. 

IAP2 USA Board Nomination Packet

IAP2 USA Board Nomination Form 

Voting takes place October/November 2023

Ballots will be distributed to members via email.

2023 Volunteer Opportunities

Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee builds IAP2’s organizational capacity to ensure that IAP2 is truly an inclusive organization and is safe, welcoming and supportive to a diverse population. 2022 Committee Members: Chair Craddock Stropes, Heather Imboden, Sara Dechter, Sarah Meade, Jay Anderson, Michael Bailey, Coby Williams, KaDeena Yerkan, Phyllis Timpo, Rachael Kuroiwa, Rocío Torres, Rebecca Campbell, Cristobal Villegas, Ryan Adamson 

Nominating Committee assists with the development of the Board of Directors slate for elections. 2022 Committee Members: Chair Claudia Bilotto, Lisa Carlson,Tina Geislbrecht

Revenue Development Committee addresses new avenues of revenue generation and fundraising. 2022 Committee Members: Josh Stepherson, Claudia Bilotto, Kendall Martin, Michael B. Bailey

Training and Professional Development Committee helps to identify training and other professional development opportunities to meet the needs of members and others in the field. 2022 Committee Members: Chair Ryan Hanschen, Kimberly Horndeski, Sophia Robison, Anne Carroll, Felecia Martin, Kayla Coleman, Heather Imboden

Chapter Liaisons enhance and support the relationship between the region and chapters. Contact your chapter president or IAP2 USA Programs and Communications Manager Angela@iap2usa.org if you do not have a chapter. 

Certification Task Force assists with the development and management of the Certification program. 2022 Task Force Members: Chair Wendy Lowe, Tina Geiselbrecht, Ken Smith, Brenda Pichette, Cassie Hemphill. To get involved contact IAP2 USA Programs and Communications Manager Angela@iap2usa.org.

North American Conference Steering Committee assists with production of the conference. Onsite volunteer positions will be available as well. 2023 Committee Members: Co-Chair Robyn Austin, Co-Chair Josh Stepherson, Graqcie Geremia, Holly Wilkens, Dennis Sandstrom, Jenny Thacker, Ginger Wireman, Andy Gregory

Sponsorship Committee members are in charge of putting together relevant, compelling opportunities for potential conference sponsors to support the conference program. You’ll get to help build relationships and give attendees and vendors a chance to meet and experience some of the best people, firms, organizations and products in the field.

Recognition task force (Core Values Awards, Greater Good and Emerging Leader) assists with the organizing the program. Contact IAP2 USA Executive Director erin@iap2usa.org for details. Let your creativity soar here.

Fun & Networking Committee members are responsible for the social portions of the 2023 conference. The Steering Committee will be looking to you to identify and implement activities that will get people interacting and virtually engaged - giving participants the opportunity to have fun and network.

Additional opportunities including micro-volunteering spots focusing on our communication efforts. If you are interested in social media, blogging, or writing newsletter articles contact IAP2 USA Executive Director, erin@iap2usa.org. Social media devotees and content creators are encouraged to volunteer.

Apply by Dec. 1st

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