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"When I took the Foundations training, we talked about how to reach populations who are difficult to reach, and we identified those populations, newcomers, people with limited English skills, over-worked people, new parents and asked what tools we could use to reach them." - Isis Lopez

Building Good Skills

To build a good practice takes time and tools. Join colleagues every month for IAP2's Learning Webinars to hear from practitioners like you making an impact on their community.

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Building a better world takes tenacity, skill, experience, wisdom, and compassion. Make sure that you're striking out into the world with the tools you need to be successful! 

When you join IAP2 USA, you join a community of Public Participation (P2) practitioners, you gain access to training unique to P2, and support from world class professionals.

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COVID-19 & P2 - IAP2 USA is here for you!

COVID-19, P2 and Managing With The “New Reality”

We know that your lives are being turned upside down. Plans that you have made are changing and it seems that every time you turn around there is something new being said. Feeling overwhelmed is an understatement! We're here to help.

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Join us in Banff, Alberta for the 2020 IAP2 North American Conference on September 9 - 11, 2020. You will leave the 2020 conference rejuvenated, and inspired by speakers, colleagues, and awe inspiring views. We hope you join us!

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Upcoming IAP2 Learning Webinars

June Learning Webinar: CHARLOTTE ENCORE - "An Online Engagement Master Class"

Tuesday, June 9, 11am PDT

Online engagement has gone from being the "Next Big Thing" in public participation to a "given"; but there are still a lot of questions and answers and lessons to be learned. We are delighted to bring together two of the more well-received presentations from the 2019 IAP2 North American Conference in Charlotte, NC, to bring some of those issues into focus.

This learning webinar will feature Miranda Eng, Jamille Robbins, Ashley Bush, and Dave Biggs, where they will share their practical approach to designing online engagement, including how to marry design principles for user experience and target outreach tactics to hear from underrepresented groups.


Back by popular demand: Join us to get a taste of tools and techniques from popular Skills Symposium courses on the 2020 Taster Series

These webinars give you live access to trainers, without leaving the office. 


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