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IAP2 USA April, 2020 Newsletter

IAP2 USA April 2020 Newsletter

Unprecedented Challenges Demand Flexibility and Growth.

The COVID-19 virus made for interesting times for our Skills Symposium last month in Sacramento, and has us working on some new approaches.

In this issue, you’ll find …

Features - New President Gwen Howard offers encouraging words for the challenges we’re facing these days; we welcome the new Executive Committee; and we’ll meet Board member Claudia Bilotto.

Events - we’ve been spending a lot of time online lately, with two learning webinars, and online discussions to help us face the challenges presented by the current outbreak and the “new reality” Plus we're piloting new online learning courses.

Interesting Links - A TED talk is a refresher on how to disagree in a civil manner.



President's Message: Gwen Howard

President's Message: Gwen Howard

Dear IAP2 Members,

We are currently living in some anxious and confusing times. On top of that, we are being bombarded with COVID 19 communication from our places of work, companies we do business with, companies we don't do business with and companies who simply have a large presence in our world. I know it's a lot. (Read more)



Welcome New IAP2 USA Officers  

IAP2 USA Board Officer Elections and Diversity Training

Congratulations to our newly elected IAP2 USA Executive Committee as well as our new President, Gwen Howard. Heather Imboden is the new Vice President, Lisa Carlson is Treasurer, Michael Bailey is Secretary and Cathy Smith is Immediate Past President. They were elected at the March 8, 2020 board meeting in Sacramento and will serve one-year terms. Read more


Member Profile: Claudia Bilotto

Member Profile: Claudia Bilotto

Meet a Member - Claudia Bilotto, Georgia Area  Manager, WSP

“There’s a lot of mistrust among the public when it comes to transportation, but now agencies are starting to realize that they have to engage the public in a way that’s meaningful and invites people to take part." Read more


It's National Volunteer Week April 19-25

It's National Volunteer Week April 19-25

Thank you IAP2 USA volunteers. We appreciate the time, expertise, and support you provide to our organization and the P2 community. Happy Volunteer Week




Online Discussions on Covid 19: Don't miss these resources

Online Discussions on Covid 19: Don't miss these resources


In a profession that relies on people meeting one another, the various social restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic can be more than a bother. How do we adapt? What’s “out there”, in terms of tools and techniques? What do we need to know about what works, how does it work, and how do we make sure our work is still inclusive? In March, IAP2 hosted two special webinars to look at Adaptive Technologies and P2, and a third on how we manage the “new reality”. 

A pair of “Coffee Chats” using Zoom also helped with a free exchange of ideas and helped demonstrate one of the “adaptive technologies”. 

Watch the first “Adaptive Technologies” webinar, with Kim Hyshka of Dialogue Partners, and Chrystiane Mallaley and Michael Sauv√© of Hill+Knowlton here; and the second webinar, with digital engagement specialist Susanna Haas Lyons and Liz Buehler, Civic Engagement Manager with Salt Lake City, here

Recordings of the Coffee Chats are available only to IAP2 members. Click here to watch them. 

Our heartfelt thanks go to the presenters for stepping up to share their expertise in the Special Webinars, and also to Kim and Susanna, for hosting the Coffee Chats. We are also grateful to Janine Sakatch and Alberta Health Services, for providing their Zoom Enterprise account, so up to 300 people could take part in the second Coffee Chat.

For more resources check out the IAP2 USA COVID-19 Resource Page.

IAP2 North American Conference: Banff, AB

IAP2 North American Conference: Banff, AB

NAC Schedule

As of this writing, the 2020 IAP2 North American Conference is still a “go”, for Sept. 9 - 11 in Banff, Alberta. IAP2 Canada and IAP2 USA will continue to monitor the situation and will let everyone know as soon as possible if anything changes. Read the Schedule-at-a-Glance here, and register by June 30 to get the early-bird discount pricing.  

IAP2 USA Pilots Online Training  

IAP2 USA Pilots Online Training  

Two classes from the March Symposium are being offered online.

Meaningful Tools, Powerful Outcomes with Kim Hyshka. Join us for two days on April 30 and May 1 for an interactive session where you can fill your toolbox with some new, innovative, and effective public engagement techniques that will help you host better, powerful conversations, achieve objectives and create momentum positive change.   Register here

Brave Honest Conversations with Stephani Roy McCallum. On June 4 and 5 and June 11 and 12, you’ll find there is a different way. Brave, Honest Conversations™ are a way of talking together, working together and living. When we show up with courage, compassion and integrity the possibilities are endless. The world needs more leaders who dare to make a lasting difference. Register here.

Webinars Rewind

FEBRUARY 2020 “Talking to Planners & Engineers About P2”

You may have noticed this: planners and engineers talk a decidedly different language than P2 practitioners. In our February webinar, Kylie Cochrane, Engagement Lead at Aurecon (and International president) shared her experience in breaching the language barrier.

MARCH 2020 “Core Values Award-winners”

What makes a Core Values Award-winner? The March webinar brought together 2019 winners from Canada and the USA to describe what they did -- and inspire you to get your award application ready (you have until May 1.)


APRIL 2020 - Charlotte Encore “Implementing P2 as an Organizational Value”

The April webinar reprised one of the more popular sessions from the 2019 IAP2 North American Conference. Mickey Fearn, Professor of Practice at North Carolina State University, discussed how making ongoing engagement with the community part of a city’s organizational value system leads to richer decisions that benefit everyone.

Read more


    Webinars on Deck


On Tuesday, May 12 (11am PDT / 2pm EDT), Alison Smith and Daniel DeCaro bring their session, Evaluating Public Participation to Address Historic Disenfranchisement and Empower Communities. Research shows that community engagement can be empowering, but also poses persistent challenges, particularly for historically disenfranchised communities. How do you make sure your P2 processes are legitimate and successful?

Register now

Interesting Links:  

Interesting Links:  



In a TED Talk, business strategist Julia Dhar talks about how to disagree productively.

A columnist in Places raises some serious questions about “public engagement” in a smart-city design project in Toronto.

In an alternative version of the Oscars, “Greater Good” magazine -- from UC Berkeley -- presents its “Greater Goodies” - awards for films that highlight the best in humanity.

Adrian Segar wonders if efficiency in meetings is over-rated.

.Have you found an article that needs to be shared with the P2 Community? Send it to us at info@iap2usa.org.

Upcoming Events:  

Upcoming Events:                                                                                                                                                                                       

Feb. 12 - IAP2 Core Values Awards -- application period opens. More information here.

April 30, May 1 Meaningful Tools, Powerful Outcomes online course Register here

May 8 - Deadline to submit applications for 2020 IAP2 Core Values Awards.

May 12 - IAP2 Learning Webinar - Charlotte Encore: Evaluating P2 to Address Historic Disenfranchisement and Empower Communities. Register here.

May 21 - IAP2 USA Annual General Meeting -- online. Register here.

June 4 and 5 & June 11 and 12 Brave Honest Conversations online course Register here.

June 9 - IAP2 Learning Webinar - Charlotte Encore: “Online Engagement Master Class” Register here

June 12-13 - IAP2 Certification Assessment Center - location More information here.

June 19 - IAP2 Certification - deadline to apply for next Assessment Center. 

June 30 - Early-bird deadline for IAP2 North American Conference

July 14 - IAP2 Learning Webinar - Charlotte Encore: “Applying Human-Centered Design to your P2 Strategy”. Register here.

August 11 - IAP2 Learning Webinar - Charlotte Encore: “Do You Realize You’re Already Doing It?” Register here.

Sept. 9 - 11 - 2020 IAP2 North American Conference, Banff AB.

Sept. 10 - 2020 IAP2 Core Values Awards gala, Banff, Alberta, Canada

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