IAP2 USA Chapters

IAP2 USA has a number of chapters that provide support for practitioners in that part of the country. Chapters plan and organize local events, activities, and professional development opportunities, and are the basis for building a vital organization.

Chapter contacts are listed on the chapter pages:


     IAP2 USA chapter map

Chapter Support

IAP2 USA supports current and emerging chapters in a broad variety of ways, including the following:

  • Bi-monthly chapter liaison calls
  • Chapter promotion, outreach and recruitment
  • Assistance organizing training and events
  • Foundational support (member services, chapter referrals, insurance)
  • Tools & technical assistance (Google docs, email accounts, conference calls, webinars)

Support for Emerging Chapters

IAP2 USA strongly encourages the growth of chapters, and recognizes chapters grow because of the energy and enthusiasm of the people involved. Chapters emerge when members take the initiative to form them. IAP2 USA offers a strong brand, unparalleled training, extensive networking, savvy organizing and promotional support for chapters, and a welcoming process to help you get started. Any group of IAP2 USA members can start a chapter.

The basic steps are to:

  • Form a local organizing committee
  • Develop your action plans and organize a launch event
  • Promote, recruit, and organize!

From your new beginnings, you will want to:

  • Recruit and sustain a core team of volunteers
  • Provide some kind of baseline programming (events, training)
  • Build chapter infrastructure (e.g., contact lists, bank account, webpage)

Want to learn more?

Review the Chapter Handbook. If you have questions, please email info@iap2usa.org.

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