March 2021 Newsletter

  From the Executive Manager's Desk - Gail Madziar

March Message: Gail Madziar, Executive Manager, IAP2 USA

Spring is a great time to reassess and review your career plans. The pandemic may have left you  wondering about changing jobs or even careers. In any case, the path to a career advancement or reinvention involves cultivating knowledge, skills, resources, and relationships. That may mean taking courses or obtaining a certification. You can visit or post job openings at the IAP2 Career Center

Your IAP2 USA memberships offers you the opportunity to gain skills, certifications, take advantage of networking at virtual events or through committee service. Our flagship training Foundations in Public Participation the only international program of its kind, this program provides participants with an overview of public participation, best practices in the field, and dynamic techniques to enhance impact.

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Chapter News - Digital Environmental Engagement Resource Catalog

Spring is sprung, and pandemic relief efforts are improving conditions across the country. Our socially distanced year has brought many changes, and, in the case of digital tools for public participation, there are more resources than ever.

In partnership this past year, the California Natural Resources Agency and the California Environmental Protection Agency developed a resource catalogue of online sessions covering community engagement, environmental justice, and equity. The resource catalogue is a living webpage that began with recordings from the 2020 conference, “Online Environmental Engagement: Building Our Skills Together,” where forty-nine panelists and approximately 1,500 registrants from California and across the nation gathered together online to discuss their successes, challenges and practical tips for online environmental engagement. As of today, the resource catalogue includes 9 hours of webinar recordings in English and Spanish, PowerPoint slides, fliers, panelist bios, and more!

We invite you to explore the Resource Catalogue, and to watch this 3-minute video summarizing the available content.

A Big Thanks to the Sacramento Emerging Chapter Liaison, Sarah Rubin, for the work she and her her team did to compile this helpful resource catalog. 

Get Involved with your Local Chapter - 2021 Call for Volunteers

All of IAP2 USA's regional Chapters have opened a Call for Volunteers for 2021! Take advantage of the opportunity to make a difference in the P2 community locally. If you're interested in growing personally or professionally while contributing to your organization, we have a place for you.

Books on Wheels Volunteer Orientation | Events | Pima County Public Library

Contact information is listed on each Chapter webpage.

The Orange County and Lonestar State Emerging Chapters are both seeking Board of Directors candidates. Please contact them if you are interested in running.

The Cascade, Colorado, Intermountain, and Midwest, chapters in addition to the Sacramento Area, and SF/Oakland Emerging Chapters are seeking all other volunteers. 

Contact with Questions

2021 North American Virtual Conference: Registration Opens Next Week!

One week left to submit your session proposal for the 2021 IAP2 North American Conference: “Sound partnerships: Community engagement in times of change”

The Conference is set for Sept. 13 - 16, and once again, it will be online.

We invite practice-based presentations that explore the theme of Sound partnerships: Community engagement in times of change.  We recognize that the past year has introduced new challenges and opportunities for public participation - it has been a time of great change across the world, our nations, and within our communities. How are we growing and adapting our public participation practices? How are we building partnerships, to overcome these challenges or build new opportunities? 

If you have practical approaches, tools, or inspiring stories to share with our practice, we want to hear from you. 

Please review the full Call for Proposal and Apply. The deadline to submit a proposal is Wednesday, March 31st, 2021, 11:59 PM (PST).

Questions? Contact Erin Zimmermann at

2021 Core Values & Greater Good Awards: Accepting Nominations

Core Values Awards

Each year, IAP2 Affiliates around the world celebrate excellence in the profession through the IAP2 Core Values Awards. The awards go to projects and organizations which best demonstrate IAP2's Core Values and help to raise the bar in the field of public engagement by sharing best practices and inspiring the P2 community to learn from one another. The Core Values Awards encourage new approaches and innovative uses of existing ones.

Members can watch our March 19 webinar highlighting last year’s winners here. 

More details about last year’s CVA winners is also available here.

Read more and apply here by May 7, 2021

Greater Good Award

Greater Good Awards are presented to an individual each year in recognition of excellence in the field of public participation in the United States. Nominees will have demonstrated outstanding leadership, service, and application of the IAP2 core values in the field of public participation. Candidates may be nominated by any IAP2 USA Member, Chapter or Committee.

There are two categories of awards:

  • Greater Good Award: In recognition of people who have exerted leadership and made an impact on the profession over a period of years.

  • Greater Good - Emerging Leader Award: In recognition of emerging leadership (for people who are under 35 and/or have fewer than five years in the practice) and are making a new impact on the profession.

Learn about the 2020 Greater Good winner and the Greater Good Emerging Leader winner

Read more and apply here by June 30, 2021.

Featured Course - Comprehensive Equity Workshop: From Theory to Application

Trainer: Adriene B. Wright Ph.D., PCLC

Deputy Chair of IAP2 International Board of Directors

Adriene Wright

Two Sessions

April 20 & 21

11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. (EDT)

The concept of workforce Diversity is no longer an abstraction; it is part of everyday life. But how much do we actually understand about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)? How can organizations effectively advance DEI initiatives in today's environment of heightened focus on racial disparities and the pandemic's impact on the workforce.

This course will provide a fundamental understanding of DEI concepts and address the following:

  • Why DEI is important in the workplace and in social investment.
  • The true value of DEI in the workplace.
  • DEI terminology, laws, compliance constructs, and beyond.
  • Insights into creating a framework to advance DEI in the workplace.
  • Exploration of attitudes and perceptions about DEI.
  • An opportunity to self-identify with your DEI role within an organization using the PCIHO model (Pioneer, Champion, Influencer, Hesitater, Obstructer)

Webniar Recordings -  Available free to Members On-Demand

All of our past webinars are available to members who are logged into Just click here and you will be prompted to login to the Webinar Archives.

March Webinars

March 11 - Taster: Trauma Awareness and Self-Care

Are you feeling undue strain and stress, thanks to the events of this past year? We're excited to offer this taster on taking care of yourself and understanding trauma -- which is what you and countless others may be experiencing. Insights gained from this training can have a profound effect on the psychological safety in the workplace and enable leaders to recognize the effects of trauma.

Self-care is a vital component in managing stressors and recovery, and boosts our capacity to manage our own emotional and psychological well-being. This Taster, based on an upcoming course of the same name (details coming soon), will offer both a fundamental understanding of Trauma and its effects on our emotional and psychological well-being, and activities that can lower the psychological adrenal surge that trauma brings.

March 16 - IAP2  NAC Encore Learning Webinar: Experience 5 Unusual Participation Techniques in 2 Hours

  • Are you running out of constructive ways to bring people together in conversation?
  • Are you hearing from the same people over and over again and consistently struggling to hear from diverse voices?
  • Do you value strong relationships and building community engagement capacity?

In this special, 2-hour session, Anne Harding, Kim Hyshka and Hugo Mimee will reprise their highly popular presentation at the 2020 IAP2 North American Virtual Conference. You'll take part in a human lab, where you can fill your toolbox with at least FIVE new, innovative and effective public engagement techniques that will help you host better, powerful conversations, achieve objectives and create momentum positive change 

View these and other webinars in our Webinar Archives

IAP2 USA Logo Wear & Merchandise

IAP2 USA logo wear and accessories are now available at the IAP2USAMarket. You can find t-shirts, hoodies and a new favorite coffee mug enhanced with the IAP2 logo and taglines. Good decisions made together is a great way to start your new year. Thank you IAP2 USA Communications Committee for your hard work and creativity.

Upcoming Webinars

May 11 Learning Webinar - NAC Encore: Participatory Budgeting to Promote Resiliency and Community Healing in Response to Ferguson

How does a community recover from something like the vicious civil unrest Ferguson, Missouri, experienced in 2014? In this reprise of the very popular session at the 2020 IAP2 North American Virtual Conference, Paula Southerland and Michelle Mitchell of the St Louis County Department of Public Health, will discuss how Participatory Budgeting (PB) played a significant role.

You'll get an in-depth view of St. Louis ReCAST (Resiliency in Communities After Stress and Trauma) a SAMHSA-funded initiative that began in 2016, and the participatory budgeting (PB) utilized in the design and delivery of all services related to the grant.

You'll learn a method of incorporating community-led decision-making in programmatic funding and how community-based participatory approaches address inequality issues by giving community members a voice which empower and promotes self-efficacy. You'll also see how co-learning and empowering the community can result in more informed and transparent decision for resource allocation and delivers long-lasting, sustainable benefits.

All Upcoming Webinars

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If you are looking for guidance on how to safely reopen your next event, The ESA Reopening guide offers a great checklist.

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