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IAP2 USA May - June Newsletter

“Sumer is icumen in,” as the old poem goes, and action is heating up with the weather around IAP2 USA. In this action-packed installment, you’ll find:


President's Message: Catherine Smith, CP3

Be PART of Something Good

Catherine Smith, CP3It was a Saturday afternoon in early May and I was at my first Presidential Library, the FDR Library in Hyde Park in the Hudson River Valley. It’s true that the light of the Hudson River Valley is special, but there’s another type of light entirely to stand in front of a President’s desk, even one that hasn’t been occupied for longer than my own lifespan. It’s quiet and invigorating all at the same time.

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Outreach and Engagement Coordinator, CA Department of Conservation

sarah rubin“Early in my career, I was in charge of a strategic plan for collaboration among state agencies. I brought in the draft, but I used so many graphics, people thought it was supposed to be the finished product. They completely freaked out and wanted me removed. My boss had to step in and take over. But she gave me the Straight Talk, when she said I could come across as ‘too perky’ or ‘too enthusiastic’ and people will assume that I’m not really smart.”

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IAP2 USA currently has an exciting opportunity for a qualified Executive Manager to manage IAP2 staff, committees, events and activities. With over 1550 members and growing, we are seeking an individual who has extensive non-profit management experience while leading a team of dedicated employees.

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REMINDER: - Certification Deadline Approaches

Are you planning to apply to be a Certified Public Participation Professional (CP3) or to upgrade your certification to Master Certified Public Participation Professional (MCP3)? The next Certification Assessment Center is set for September 27-28 in Portland, OR, but the deadline to apply is end-of-day (Pacific time), June 10. Download the Applicant’s Kit here, but be aware: writing the application requires a lot of preparation and time. If you’re not able to make the deadline this time, know that you can submit an application any time, and watch for the announcement of the next Assessment Center, in Spring 2020.

IAP2 USA Annual General Meeting

Be sure to join us for the 2019 AGM, Thursday, June 20, at 11:30am - Noon, PDT. As usual, it will be an online meeting: an opportunity to reflect on the organization’s accomplishments (and there have been lots!) over the past year and consider where we are heading in the months to come. Register here. Download the agenda here. Download the IAP2 USA Year in Review here.


The nomination deadline has been extended.

Each year, the President of IAP2 USA presents two distinguished awards: the Greater Good Award and the Emerging Leader Award. The President isn’t alone in making the decision, and that’s where you come in, nominating potential winners!

Do you know someone who has demonstrated leadership, service and application of the IAP2 Core Values over the years? They could be in line for the Greater Good Award. Find out more and download the nomination form here.

Do you know someone under the age of 35, with less than five years’ experience in the P2 field, who is already making an impact on the profession? You can nominate them for the Emerging Leader Award. Find out more and download the nomination form here.

Deadline for nomination forms is June 14th.

Community Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion in Placemaking

(contributed by Charles Campion, former IAP2 Core Values Award winner)

Communities have a collective intelligence that brings social, economic and environmental value to designing cities and neighbourhoods. Just as the act of voting is a right, it is inherently democratic to bring people genuinely to the heart of planning and placemaking.

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2019 IAP2 North American Conference - Leveraging P2 to Create Thriving Communities

 2019 IAP2 North American Conference
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Are you coming to Charlotte, NC, for the 2019 IAP2 North American Conference? Do you want to make the most of your session choices? This year’s Schedule-at-a-Glance features something new: theme indicators for each session! What interests you? Race, Equity and Inclusion? Tools, tips and techniques? Infrastructure? Youth Engagement? Transportation? Or ...

Those are just some of the sub-categories, under the overall Conference heading, “Leveraging P2 to Create Thriving Communities”. Watch your email for updates, including the announcement of the Day One workshops. Join us in the Queen City, Sept. 4 through 6! Register here by June 30, to get the early-bird discount!

American Planning Association: Credits Available

Are you an APA AICP and looking to get more Certification Maintenance credits? IAP2 USA is Certification Maintenance Credit Provider, which means you can claim credit for every learning webinar, training course, IAP2 North American Conference session, workshop and field trip you take part in.

Many of our chapter events are eligible too! Check out the Midwest’s Regional Chapter Conference. In the coming months we will be adding more opportunities for you to extend your learning, so keep an eye on our events calendar, and the APA CM search page to claim your AICP CM credits.

LEARNING OPPORTUNITY with the Government of Canada

The Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) and the Privy Council Office (PCO) are pleased to invite you to a virtual learning program on public engagement called Learning Together for Better Public Engagement. This free online course is an opportunity to share tools and tips on everything from planning a consultation to running and facilitating a session to analyzing your data. It will run from June 10 to July 12. Register now at: http://www.canada.ca/learn-together


April & May Webinar Rewind –
“Creating Communications and P2 Roadmaps” & “Youth Shaping Cities”

Our Learning Webinars in April and May featured two more “Victoria Encores” - presentations that those who were there said would make good webinars. In April, we learned about “Creating Communications and P2 Roadmaps”; May looked at “Youth Shaping Cities”.

Are you interested in watching the Learning Webinar? IAP2 Canada members can catch up on all of our webinars on demand by looking at the webinar archive.

Webinar On-Deck:
June - Engaging the Rumor Mill
June 11, 2019

June and July offer two more “Victoria Encores”. On June 11 at 11am PDT (2pm EDT), “Engaging the Rumor Mill” shares lessons learned about a large corporation trying to connect with people in small, local communities -- many of whom did not trust the organization to operate in their best interests. Register here.

On July 9, also at 11am PDT, “Not Just Dragons” looks at how to -- and how not to -- engage communities of color. Register here.

Monthly webinars are recorded and are available as a member benefit for IAP2 USA members. Check out the page here.

Chapter News:  

IAP2 USA has 7 official chapters, two official emerging chapters, and many more that are in the fledgling stages of getting off the ground. Every chapter, no matter the location, is comprised of dedicated p2 practitioners who are working hard to bring professional development and networking to their corner of the USA. It’s time to get involved! Help get the momentum going by participating in events, volunteering on committees, offering to host a networking event or training or bring a colleague into the fold by encouraging them to join your local chapter. Here is a list of all the other Fledgling Chapters working hard to get off the ground:

  • Sacramento (Fledgling)
  • Indiana University SPEA (Fledgling)
  • Nebraska (Fledgling)
  • North Carolina (Fledgling)
  • DC/Baltimore (Fledgling)
  • Tennessee (Fledgling)
  • Georgia (Fledgling)
  • New York (Fledgling)
  • SF/East Bay (Fledgling)

To get connected with a chapter in your area, check out their chapter page for more information or email Anneliese, Annelieseiap2usa@gmail.com.

Are you missing a local chapter in your area? Let’s talk about getting one off the ground. Email Lauren, ms.laurencobb@gmail.com, to get started on your journey!

Interesting Links!  

Interesting Links
  • From the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a new study shows how public participation has a beneficial effect on the health of senior citizens.
  • John Thompson, co-winner of the 2009 IAP2 Core Values Award for Innovation, has received the American Institute of Architects President’s Citation “for services to the architectural profession and the lasting legacy of participatory urban design.”
  • From the Mozilla Foundation, the results of a survey on misinformation in today’s online world.
  • The mayor of Ithaca, NY, is taking steps to break down a barrier to civic engagement.
  • From CalCoastNews online, concerns that San Luis Obispo County is trying to bypass its own P2 policy in developing a sewage treatment plant.
  • South Africa’s National Roads Agency has its P2 process affirmed, and gets the go-ahead for its proposed routing of a new rail line.
  • That dreaded acronym, SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation), has been coming up a lot in recent years. The Columbia Journalism Review discusses how to combat it.
  • It’s not exactly “Bohemian Rhapsody” or even “Sugar, Sugar”, but under the influence of a very successful training session by Dialogue Partners, a new “engagement anthem” was born (to the tune of “We Will Rock You” -- followed, naturally, by Part 2).
  • AND FINALLY … facilitators, P2 practitioners and others who have to speak in public don’t need to, like, watch this -- like, right?

Have you found an article that needs to be shared with the P2 Community? Send it to us at ameliaiap2usa@gmail.com!

Upcoming Events: 

Check the IAP2 USA calendar for information on how to register for events.


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