Techniques for Effective Public Participation (2-day course)

  • January 26, 2012
  • January 27, 2012
  • Tempe, AZ

This class takes you way beyond public meetings. You’ll learn a range of practical techniques that can be used in a variety of situations to better communicate with people, build trusting relationships with citizens and get their help and support with public projects. Techniques that you’ll learn include the World Café, Revolving Conversations, Citizen Jury, Advisory Groups, and many others that you’ll be able to use immediately in your work.

The class includes full overviews of more than 40 of the most proven tools and techniques that have been tested, refined and used effectively by public participation practitioners around the globe. Interactive exercises and practical tips will take you beyond the theory, and take-home materials used throughout the two-day session reinforce skills that you’ll put to immediate use.

You’ll know how to get beyond endless, rancorous debates and instead create effective forums for discussion and dialogue. You’ll learn how to avoid the many problems encountered in traditional public meetings. You’ll leave this class armed with a detailed student manual covering the course materials and a packet of IAP2 Tip Sheets offering practical advice for selecting, using and evaluating a broad range of public consensus building activities.

Note: Planning for Effective Public Participation is a prerequisite for all other IAP2 Public Participation Certificate training.

Trainers: John Godec, Dr. Marty Rozelle, Dr. Ruth Yabes

Cost: $630.00 (IAP2 USA members), $700.00 (non-members)

Registration: League of Extraordinary Trainers

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