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The Cascade Chapter serves the state of Oregon and Southwest Washington. We were one of the first official chapters of IAP2 and remain highly active with bi-monthly PI Networks, biennial PI Works conferences, and IAP2 certificate trainings. We are dedicated to serving our fellow practitioners and the practice itself by hosting regular training and networking events and supporting students pursuing P2 careers. As of 2017, we have awarded a total of $65,000 in student scholarships to graduate students at Portland State University (since 2008) and the University of Oregon (since 2011). 

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2017 PSU Scholarship Winner



Ms. Denton is a PhD candidate and National Science Foundation Integrative Graduate Research Education and Traineeship Fellow (IGERT) and Institute for Sustainable Solutions Fellow at Portland State University.

Her background includes AmeriCorps volunteer in New Mexico, non-profit work at the Hispanic Women’s Organization of Arkansas, Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families and the Community Clinic of NW Arkansas. Through these and other experiences, she has gained insights to the impact and effects of individual engagement in peoples’ lives. This has led to a goal of providing public participation at every scale.  Academically she is pursuing interdisciplinary research with the goal to embark in a career in international environmental management.

Ms. Denton is the latest in a continuum of outstanding scholarship awardees from Portland State University. Cascade Chapter of IAP2 has provided $62,500.00 to date in scholarships in support of future practitioners and advancement of best practices for public engagement. The Chapter stands behind the IAP2 goal of providing community members opportunity to be a part of the decisions that affect their lives.

Welcome to IAP2 and to the Cascade Chapter Ashlie!!

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University of Oregon Students for Public Participation
UO SP2 Mission Statement:

The University of Oregon Students for Public Participation is a diverse group of emerging practitioners dedicated to learning and expanding public engagement in a collaborative and inclusive way. We partner with the International Association for Public Participation and subscribe to their core values and ethics.

UO SP2 Credos & Goals:

Professional Development
We will foster professional development for students aspiring towards public participation and collaborative public engagement professions.

Collaborative Learning
We will create opportunities for collaborative learning among UO students and the community.

Best Practices
We will strive towards continually learning and performing best practices in public engagement.

We will network as a means to improve our skills and professionality, build meaningful relationships, meet like-minded professionals, and enable others to join and spread our SP2 mission.

Effective and Sustainable Decision Making
We will promote effective and sustainable decision making by advocating for long-term thinking, inclusion, and empowerment to help citizens realize the importance of their involvement.

Diversity Within SP2
We will cultivate a cross-disciplinary and diverse group of students dedicated to practicing high quality public engagement.

Diversity Outside SP2
We will actively strive to engage the ideas, beliefs, concerns, and participation from people of all backgrounds.

Read the rest of UO SP2's bylaws here, then edit-at-will to create an SP2 affinity group at your own university! 
Visit UO SP2 on Facebook to join our discussions, see posts for local entry-level P2 jobs, and see what we're up to.
Join our SP2 global community on LinkedIn to see posts for national and international entry-level P2 jobs, share resources and information, and help us start a network of practitioner-supported public participation student groups everywhere!
Need advice or help starting an SP2 at your university? Contact Francesca Patricolo.

Chapter Executive Committee

Francesca Patricolo, Chapter President, IAP2 USA Member Services Committee, Former IAP2 USA + Federation Board Member, Chapter Equity Subcommittee Member

Michelle DePass, Chapter Vice President, Chapter Equity Subcommittee Member

Brandy Steffen, Former Chapter President, PI Works! Conference Chair, Chapter Equity Subcommittee Member

Arwen Bird, Former Chapter Vice President, Chapter Equity Subcommittee Lead

Alex Cousins, IAP2 USA Board Member, Former Cascade Chapter President

Mike Dahlstrom, Treasurer, Chapter Scholarship Award Chair, IAP2 USA Chapter Liaison Chair

Doug Zenn, Former IAP2 USA Board President + Federation Board Member, Former Chapter President, Certified IAP2 Trainer

Julie Rawls, PI Network Series Co-Chair

Heather Coston, PI Network Series Co-Chair

Jen Colbert, Chapter E-news Director

Stephanie Slyman, Board Member 

Anne PressentinBoard Member

Gary Marschke, Board Member

Susan Hanson, Board Member

Jessica Pickul, IAP2 USA Communications Committee

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