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  • August 18, 2022 12:47 PM | Dina Storz (Administrator)

    Ag Innovationsis a nonprofit based in Sonoma County with a 20 year history of unlocking the challenging issues at the intersection of agricultural and natural resources in California through dynamic collaborative action and community engagement. 

    We are growing and looking for a Communications and Engagement Manager (CEM). In this full-time role, the CEM will support Ag Innovations by creating engaging communications plans and campaigns focusing on organizational and project needs. 

    The CEM will set and guide the strategy for all communications and execute public-facing materials such as email blasts and newsletters, blogs, social media, website updates, press releases, and more. The CEM will also work closely with project teams to develop stakeholder engagement plans, help teams develop strategies to reach specific stakeholders, and develop or support the development of outreach tools and materials.

    If you know someone who wants to apply their fantastic, collaborative project management and people skills fully to the ag and natural resource issues that will make a difference to current and future generations, then please send them our way.

    To apply, a resume and cover letter should be sent to

  • August 17, 2022 11:27 AM | Dina Storz (Administrator)

    Strategic Earth is hiring! 

    We currently have a number of openings to add to our team: Marketing Coordinator, Senior Associate, Associate, and Project Assistant. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about Strategic Earth’s vision and thrive in a collaborative and dynamic remote work environment.  Below is information about our vision, who we are, and a summary of the open positions. Detailed job descriptions are attached. 

    Our Vision

    We envision a world where inclusive dialogue is the gateway to responsible use and management of natural resources. We create an inclusive space for the equitable exchange of ideas and information.

    Who We Are

    Strategic Earth is a consulting firm that specializes in developing effective ways to link science and policy with community outreach and engagement. Our team leverages broad experience working with diverse stakeholders to build solutions and successfully achieve the goals identified by our clients. Since 2010, Strategic Earth has had the pleasure of working in partnership with agencies, nonprofit organizations, and community partners throughout California and nationally.

    Marketing Coordinator: The Marketing Coordinator will support company-wide marketing and communications efforts.  This new position will support Strategic Earth staff in producing and publishing content for marketing, including websites, blogs, emails, social media, and other marketing channels.  

    Senior Associate: The Senior Associate will lead and support: strategic planning and process design, project coordination and management, collaborative problem solving and creative thinking, integrated communications, information synthesis and materials development, and stakeholder outreach and engagement processes. The Senior Associate will also support daily operations and business development.

    Associate: The Associate will support: strategic planning and process design, project coordination and management, collaborative problem solving and creative thinking, integrated communications, information synthesis and materials development, and stakeholder outreach and engagement processes. 

    Project Assistant: The Project Assistant will support Strategic Earth staff in the development and implementation of strategic planning and process design, project coordination and management, collaborative problem solving and creative thinking, integrated communications, information synthesis and materials development, and stakeholder outreach and engagement processes including product development and the distribution of information and materials to target audiences.  

    If you or anyone you know is interested in applying to these positions, please send a letter of interest/cover letter and resume to by Friday, September 2. 

  • August 01, 2022 1:23 PM | IAP2 USA (Administrator)

    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

    Omaha, NE

    If you want to be in a dynamic and fast paced work environment with highly skilled teammates, the Omaha District’s Office of Public Affairs is the place you want to be.  No two days are alike.  We generate traditional news and social media releases every day including in-house produced video and graphics.  We support internal communication initiatives and help synchronize all aspects of communication strategies and actions across the entire enterprise.  Our projects require public affairs staffers to get out of the office and travel throughout our district, nation and world to engage our stakeholders and support our projects through grass-roots community outreach.  Our staff report directly to executive leadership and are a member of the commander’s special staff.  Our positions span a pay band currently starting at $55,071 with upward progression to $125,000 per year.

    Joining the USACE team opens you up to a world of possibilities for upward advancement and lateral moves.  USACE is every where throughout the United States and overseas with more than 21,000 employees.  Once you are past the probationary period you can move throughout USACE, the Department of Defense and entire federal system.  Our projects expose our staff to all levels of intergovernmental relations, partnerships and direct interface with private industry consultants from mom and pop shops to multinational corporations.  Federal civil service will simply advance your professional experience and broaden your career horizon.  We offer superb benefits that compete well with Fortune 500 companies, from health care options and 401k investments.  After only 5 years of civil service, you will permanently qualify for a lifetime pension that you will receive when you reach age 62.

    Closing Date: August 12, 2022

  • August 01, 2022 12:19 PM | IAP2 USA (Administrator)

    State of Washington

    This position is open for recruitment statewide. Your duty station may be located in one of the following:

    Keeping Washington Clean and Evergreen

    Do you want to influence how we regulate dangerous waste in Washington state to help protect residents and the environment?
    Are you detail oriented and comfortable working with complex documents? Do you enjoy distilling technical and regulatory information into interpretations and responses that are correct and easily understood?
    Consider our Senior Dangerous Waste Rule Writer (Regulatory Analyst 3) position in the Hazardous Waste and Toxics Reduction (HWTR) Program.
    The HWTR Program strives to protect Washington’s residents and environment by reducing the use of toxic chemicals, regulating the generation and management of dangerous waste, preventing new contaminated sites, and cleaning up contamination.
    This position is part of a diverse and innovative team that has a collaborative approach to our work. We strive to create rules, policies, statutory interpretations, and regulatory implementation, which are equivalent and consistent with regulation, enforceable, and implementable. The unit in which this position is located has a vision and mission of:
    • Providing excellent service to support the HWTR's waste reduction vision.
    • Maintaining and supporting the consistent development and application of the dangerous waste regulations across Washington State.
    • Providing consistent internal and external technical assistance to help ensure dangerous waste is managed properly.
    This position directly influences the state’s Dangerous Waste Regulations. You would review new EPA hazardous waste regulations, state-legislated changes, and Ecology-proposed changes for adoption into Chapter 173-303 WAC. You would primarily be responsible for:
    • Chapter 173-303 WAC rule development and rulemaking.
    • Regulatory analysis and policy development.
    • Maintaining the EPA Authorization of the State Dangerous Waste Program, which includes the HWTR program, Nuclear Waste Program, and elements of the Solid Waste Management Program.

    Changes to regulations must be equivalent, consistent, enforceable, and implementable. Rulemaking involves:

    • Regulatory document analysis.
    • Policy analysis.
    • Complex document writing.
    • Working with various subject matter experts, industry, Tribal Governments, and interested members of the public.

    This position will also be involved with interpreting the State Dangerous Waste Regulations, providing technical assistance, and developing statewide guidance and possible training.

    Full Details

  • July 25, 2022 1:47 PM | Dina Storz (Administrator)

    Job Summary:  The Udall Foundation’s John S. McCain III National Center for Environmental Conflict Resolution (National Center) is seeking a dynamic professional interested in the environmental, public policy, and conflict resolution fields to serve as a Program Associate. This job is a one-year, full-time Federal position at the GS-9 equivalent level, with the possibility of renewal for up to four total years and conversion to permanent status. The successful candidate will work remotely within the United States.

    The Program Associate will provide support for assessment, mediation, and facilitation services in collaboration with other National Center Program Managers, Project Managers, and Program Associates. The Program Associate will also provide planning, organizational, and facilitation support to the National Center's Climate Service Area. In addition, the Program Associate will work with the National Center’s Director and Deputy Director on programming and operational requirements and liaise with the Udall Foundation’s Communications Program Manager on National Center communications activities such as report writing and case studies.

    Closing Date:  Applications are due by August 8, 2022


  • July 25, 2022 1:45 PM | Dina Storz (Administrator)

    The Washington State Department of Ecology is searching for an innovative and strategic leader for the position of Government Relations Director (Exempt Band 4). This is an exempt management service (EMS) Band 4 position that reports to the Director of Ecology. The position is located at Ecology’s Headquarters Office in Lacey, Washington.

    This position is critical to Ecology’s success and is focused on establishing and maintaining positive, effective relationships with key members of Ecology’s authorizing environment. In this role, you will direct agency-wide external relations and public affairs. These include the State Legislature, legislative staff, Governor’s office, state and federal agencies, local governments, tribal governments, and Washington’s Congressional delegation. You will also direct agency strategy and public affairs for a variety of non-governmental organizations, including business, environmental, media, agriculture, ports, utilities, community groups and other interests. These relations are critical to furthering Ecology’s mission through successful resolution of issues pertaining to legislation, constituent concerns, budget, regulations, policies, and state and federal agreements. You will be expected to develop solutions that meet the state’s interests in, and responsibility for, environmental protection of air, land, water, and climate while meeting the interests of stakeholders to the extent possible. 

    In addition to what is listed above, you will lead and direct the activities of Ecology’s Rules and Accountability Section, including supervision of the section manager. This section provides strategic and diverse management of programs and policies that are highly complex, multi-program and agency-wide, in nature. The section supports the work of this position, and serves the Agency Director, Deputy Director, and the executive leadership team in setting agency direction for strategic and long-range planning, performance, and accountability, continuous process improvement and organizational effectiveness, customer service and surveying, rule-making, economic analysis, and coordination of a variety of agency-wide responsibilities (e.g. enforcement appeals). 

    For more information and to apply, follow this link: Government Relations Director (Exempt Band 4)

  • July 25, 2022 1:34 PM | Dina Storz (Administrator)

    City of Grand Rapids
    Closing Date:  August 7, 2022

    The purpose of this job is to provide professional level administrative support services to a department head or other administrative position. Manages assigned projects. Work as staff liaison to the various departmental divisions and programs and outside agencies; may act as staff liaison with the media. In some instances, this position will have supervisory responsibility.
    This position will work with all departments, community leaders and our residents to co-create, administer and implement the city’s engagement plan by providing leadership and direction to improve our community engagement opportunities.
    The core objectives of this position include:

    • Lead the co-creation of the City’s community engagement framework (approach, definitions, goals, metrics, tools) with internal and external stakeholders, and track implementation of framework.
    • Provide strategic consulting to and for City Departments to implement inclusive and organized engagement that includes the collection of relevant data and information from engagement efforts. This may include co-facilitating engagement to build initial capacity for engagement.
    • Create tools and training for City Departments to engage community and collect and report out data.
    • Create a system to identify and calendar City community engagement activities to maximize coordination across the organization.
    • Assess all City community engagement, and related policy, through a lens of diversity, equity and inclusion.
    • Lead a workgroup in drafting policy, administrative and governance, around community engagement processes. 
    • Vet potential software, platforms and services to be used for City in-person and virtual engagement and serve as lead on acquired products and services.
    • Draft annual report on City’s community engagement framework efforts, data and learning.

    Possession of a bachelor's degree in business or public administration, government or related field (a master degree in public or business administration is preferred) and four years of progressively responsible professional experience in public sector management, preferably in local government; or any equivalent combination of training and experience.


  • July 25, 2022 1:28 PM | Dina Storz (Administrator)
    • Salary $67,641.60 - $87,921.60 Annually
    • Location Los Angeles, CA
    • Job Type Full Time
    • Division Government and Public Affairs
    • Job Number 00295
    • Closing 8/15/2022 5:00 PM Pacific

    The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) is seeking one Community Engagement Specialist to join our Media and Public Affairs Department. The Community Engagement Specialist will design and implement comprehensive and inclusive community engagement and comment-gathering strategies for the agency projects and initiatives and in the development and implementation of Connect SoCal – RTP/SCS. This position will be responsible for creating opportunities for participatory, collaborative, meaningful, voluminous, and representative community engagement. This work includes overseeing the coordination of major outreach activities, planning public events, designing and facilitating public meetings, focus groups and questionnaires, and mobilizing new and existing partners in the SCAG region. The Community Engagement Specialist will work with Planning, Government Relations, and Media &  Public Affairs departments to track and monitor agency compliance with federal and state requirements. This position will ensure that contracts and other activities follow and adhere to SCAG’s Public Participation Plan Additionally, the Community Engagement Specialist will assess metrics of engagement, manage contracts and update policies and procedures as necessary.

  • July 18, 2022 11:47 PM | Dina Storz (Administrator)

    The  Air Quality Program (AQP) within the Department of Ecology is looking to fill a Senior Legislative Program Planner (Environmental Planner 5) position. This position is located in our Headquarters Office in Lacey, WA. Upon hire, you must live within a commutable distance from the duty station.

    Do you want to work to help shape policy initiatives affecting climate and air quality in Washington? If this sounds like a great way to use your excellent analytic, organizational, and communication skills to work collaboratively with a high performing team and make a difference for Washingtonians, this may be the position for you!

  • July 10, 2022 12:54 AM | Dina Storz (Administrator)

    The Hazardous Waste Toxics Reduction program within the Department of Ecology is looking to fill a Chemical Action Plan Implementation Planner (Environmental Planner 3) position. This position can be located in any of the following locations: 

    Headquarters Office in Lacey, WA.
    Northwest Regional Office (NWRO) in Shoreline, WA.
    Central Regional Office (CRO) in Union Gap, WA.
    Eastern Regional Office (ERO) in Spokane, WA.

    Upon hire, you must live within a commutable distance from the duty station.

    Are you interested in protecting people and the environment from hazardous chemicals? As a successful candidate, you could serve as a Hazardous Waste and Toxics Reduction (HWTR) Program planner, responsible for the implementation of recommendations from Chemical Action Plans (CAP’s) and Action Plans (AP). CAP’s and AP’s identify the potential health and environmental effects of persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic (PBT) chemicals and other chemicals that may not qualify as a PBT’s, and recommend strategies to reduce or eliminate those impacts.

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