2019 IAP2 North American Conference - Leveraging P2 to Create Thriving Communities

Decorative image - 2020 Banff Save the DateNearly 300 participants from around the world joined us for sessions, workshops and field trips that made us think more deeply about the Public Participation practice and how to "Leverage P2 to Create a Thriving Community”! For those that were there and for those that couldn’t make it, check out the Schedule-at-a-Glance. AND for your professional development we have now included the powerpoints and other materials, provided by the presenters, so please scroll down to learn more.

Among the Conference highlights:

Start making your plans to join us next year in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

SAVE THE DATES: September 9 - 11, 2020.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Race, Equity, Inclusion Workshop
Julie Nelson & Tony Patillo
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IAP2 Decision Makers Course
Kim Hyshka 
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P2 and Digital Engagement Workshop
Ray Outlaw, Melissa Gustas, & Frankie Burton
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In the Driver’s Seat: Transportation and P2 Workshop
Judy Dellert-O’Keef & Cyndy Yu-Robinson
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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Morning Sessions

Experience 5 unusual participatory techniques in 90 minutes
Hugo Mimee, Anne Harding, Kim Hyshka
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Race, Equity, & Design Thinking, & Engagement to Move Our City Forward
Rachel Stark, Eric Gorman, Sabrina Colon, Charles Thomas, & Astrid Chirinos
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A Blueprint for Representative Engagement - Customize a community advisory group to suit your P2 needs
Krystyna Lloyd 
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Evaluating Public Participation to Address Historic Disenfranchisement and Empower Communities
Allison Smith, Ph.D. & Daniel A DeCaro, PhD
Session DescriptionSession Slides

IAP2 USA Ambassador Program: A Platform for Building a P2 Culture
Jay Vincent, Catherine Smith, Natalia Hentschel, & Stacee Adams
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Indigenized design for public engagement: lessons learned from the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
Elodie Jacquet, Lindsay Heller, Delesslin “Roo” George-Warren
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Walk it Like You Talk it

Liz Stryon and Kaleia Martin of Youth Empowered Solutions discuss the importance of and challenges to ensuring young people have a legitimate and meaningful "place at the table" -- even if they wind up standing on that table.

Learn more about Youth Empowered Solutions

Afternoon Sessions

Empowering 100 Miles of Under Recognized, Yet Prevalent Voices
Cici Vu
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Transforming communities – creating Social Value through effective engagement
Tim Holmes
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Reconciliatory pathways through engagement: using empathy to meaningfully engage Indigenous Communities
Azkaa Rahman
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Do You Realize You’re Already Doing It? Utilizing Public Sector Partnerships to Create a Culture of P2
Linda Graham Jones, Marquita Mbonu, Yvette Holme, Dr. John Stephens
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Building Bridges: A community collaboration to understand (and change) the culture of civic discourse
Brenda Ritenour & Lydia Reinig
Session DescriptionSession Slides

“Learn from the past, live in the present, dream for the future” - Teaching our Youth to connect with their community, build relationships, and dream bigger.
Lisa Crapsi
Session DescriptionSession SlidesDevelopmental Assets

The art and science of designing online engagement
Miranda Eng
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Our business is personal: 2030 Regional Waste Plan engagement
Karen Blauer, Kimberlee Ables, & Kendall Martin
Session DescriptionSession Slides

P2 Through the Eyes of a Politician: Competition, Control, Conflict, and Creating Constructive Community Change
Bruce Gilbert
Session DescriptionSession Slides

The view from Down Under – engagement trends in Australia and New Zealand
Kylie Cochrane & Mandi Davidson
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Implementing, Inclusionary Public Engagement as an Organizational Value
Mickey Fearn
Session Description • Session Slides Coming Soon

Family Feud – Timeless Lessons in Community-Building
Wendy Green Lowe, Debra Duerr, John Godec, & Douglas Sarno
Session DescriptionSession Slides • Group Memory

A Game for ideating proposals on participatory budgeting, OmaStadi game.
Ms Kirsi Verkka & Ms Silja Lindblad
Session DescriptionSession Slides

We All Need Clean Air: Participating in Air Quality Citizen Science and Community Monitoring
Gary Redmond & Karla Reesor
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Together we can: Creating a marketing campaign for the community, with the community
Ashley Apodaca, Kimberlee Ables, & Kendall Martin
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Who’s Really the Expert? Exploring when others derail good process
Tania Fragomeno
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Take10CLT: Making Cities More Successful in Just Ten Minutes
Alyssa Dodd & Sarah Hazel
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Creating Resilience: A Reflection on the role of culture institutions based on Charlotte’s Police Shooting in 2016
John Poynton, Cathy Smith, & Kathryn Hill
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Friday, September 6, 2019

Morning Sessions

Writing Engaging Engagement Summaries
Kirsty Neill, & Lara Tierney
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Bringing the Youth Perspective: What Does it Take to Carve out a Career in P2
Mark Weir & Iva Jankovic
Session DescriptionSession Slides

P2 in Toronto: A Perspective from the Development Industry
Jocelyn Deeks & Reka Sivarajah
Session DescriptionSession Slides

A Community Strengthened by Conversation
Traci Ethridge & Sandy D’Elosua Vastola
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Transforming Public Apathy: How Online Engagement is Revitalizing North Carolina
Jamille Robbins, Ashley Bush, & Dave Biggs
Session DescriptionSession Slides 

Community Policing, Positionality, and Power: Understanding Individual Roles and Taking Actions
Dr. Shaun L. Ward
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Facing Failure, finding insight, growing together
Kim Hyshka
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Applying Human-Centered Design to Your P2 Strategy
Cristelle Blackford
Session DescriptionSession SlidesSession Materials

Coping with “Difficult” People
Cassandra J. Hemphill, Ph.D., CP3
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Let’s Talk Race: Operationalizing Racial Equity Principles Within Community Engagement
Laura Biediger, Lynwood Best, & James Davis Jr.
Session Description • Session Slides Coming Soon

Salt Lake City: Engage New, Engage Better
Elizabeth R. Buehler, Braley Bullard, & Kyle Strayer
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Your Community Engagement Plan – Reimagined. The Impact of Cross-Cutting Collaboration
Melissa Roberts, Denise Grabowski, & Claudia Bilotto
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Afternoon Sessions

Designing for Diversity: partnering with under-represented communities across Canada to Refresh Canada’s Cancer Strategy
Anila Sunnak, Ellis Westwood, & Peter Wilton
Session DescriptionSession Slides

There is No “One Size Fits All” in Public Participation
Elisabeth McCollum
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Online Engagement - Always? First? After? When?
Amanda Nagl and Meghan Ruble
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Heart-to-heart: bringing your whole self to engage diverse communities
Anne Harding
Session Description • There are no slides for this session

Authentic and nimble engagement in the age of declining trust: tools and practices to frame and design inclusive engagement
Elodie Jacquet & Michelle Bested
Session DescriptionSession SlidesSession Report

Walking the Line: Managing Controversial Linear Utility Projects with P2
Cathy Hope, Laurie Zagurski, Marc Lucas, Nicole Marron, Krystal Harwick & Samantha Marone
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Connecting with Communities – An Innovative Model for Inclusive Engagement
Ryan Hanschen
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Inclusion 2.0 - Facilitating Sameness and Difference for Thriving Communities
Rebecca Colwell, MBA
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Say it, repeat it, then say it again; creating awareness when it matters.
Jamille Robbins & Karen Simon
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Lessons Learned: Engaging with the South Asian community
Rableen Nagra & Swapnil Shah
Session DescriptionSession Slides • Session handout

The IAP2 Change Journey
Kylie Cocherane
There is no Session Description • Session Slides 

Experience 3 unusual participatory techniques in 60 minutes
Hugo Mimee, Anne Harding, & Kim Hyshka
Session DescriptionSession Slides

IAP2 Core Values Awards Gala

P2'ers from around the globe converged on the NASCAR Hall of Fame to celebrate the best of the best in P2 in North America. We celebrated, and learned about, the amazing projects that have been taking place from the northern tips of Canada to the southern corners of the United States.

Each year, IAP2 Affiliates around the world celebrate excellence in the profession through the IAP2 Core Values Awards. The awards go to projects and organizations which best demonstrate IAP2's Core Values.

Meet the winners from IAP2 USA and from IAP2 Canada and see who will be heading to compete at the international level which will be awarded in October at the IAP2 Austrailasian Conference in Sydney!

2019 IAP2 USA Winners

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