Volunteer & Leadership

Volunteer & Leadership Opportunities

As a volunteer-driven organization, IAP2 USA relies on contributions of its members. 

Would you like to get involved? Do you have ideas

Bring your energy and creativity to one of our committees! 

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Chapter Relations—Enhances and supports the relationship between the organization and chapters, and builds chapter capacity.
Communication—Identifies and delivers the content necessary to meet member needs.
Core Values Awards—Organizes and delivers the Annual Core Values Awards Program.
Membership Services—Develops and supports programs and services to meet the needs of current and future members, broadens the diversity of our members, and increases participation in IAP2 USA and its activities.
North American Conference—Prepares for the North American conference co-hosted by IAP2 USA and IAP2 Canada.
Strategic Alliances—Supports the field of public participation, networks with similar-minded organizations, and provides guidance to public officials and agencies.
Training—Identifies, sponsors and, where feasible, develops training to serve the profession of public participation.

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Volunteer Testimonials

“Going outside of your daily work tasks and collaborating with P2 folks across North America—it’s the ultimate networking opportunity. Promoting and tweeting about IAP2, is truly living the network!”

—Adriana M. Hemzacek, Communications Committee

“Through my work I’ve seen that inclusive public participation and good governance aren’t mutually exclusive. IAP2 supports that very idea through a network of committed individuals who share best public participation practices. Volunteering with IAP2 allows me to connect with those volunteers, learning from them and applying what I’ve learned to my work and in my community.”

—Ryan Henderson, Board of Directors, Communications & Membership Committees

"Since 1994, volunteering for IAP2 and being active in my professional sphere has been crucial to my career development and satisfaction. Thanks to IAP2 USA, my work is validated, I am up to speed on best practices, and a supportive circle of colleagues gets what I do for a living and is there when I need inspiration." 

—Sheri Wantland, Cascade Chapter, Membership Committee

"Volunteering for anything is a satisfying experience and IAP2 is no exception.  Volunteering on the certification task force has been a great challenge because it’s a big task but the level of dedication, expertise and insight being offered ensures the process is representative of many, varied perspectives.  I feel fortunate to have had to opportunity to get to know and work with so many P2 professionals."

—Tina Geiselbrecht, Certification Task Force

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