IAP2 USA Privacy Policy

This policy provides direction on collecting, storing, managing, and disseminating personal information collected by IAP2 USA
Collecting Personal Information

Collecting Personal Information

  1. Information is collected solely to conduct and communicate IAP2 USA business and information.
  2. All information-collection materials will include reference to IAP2 USA Privacy Policy and include the purpose and use of information collected.
  3. Personal information may be collected and stored through paper or appropriately secured electronic means.
  4. Financial records will be stored for the appropriate time period in accordance with the applicable governing laws.
  5. All other personal information will be retained for the appropriate time period in accordance with the applicable governing laws.

Disseminating Personal Information

  1. Personal information will not be disseminated without the consent of the member/participant.
  2. Confidential financial information shall be kept secure.
  3. Information sharing between IAP2 USA and authorized representatives shall be governed by this policy and the agreements between IAP2 USA and those entities.

Member Responsibility for Personal Information

  1. Members are responsible for providing correct and updated personal information.
  2. Members are responsible for being aware of how personal information may be used.

Your privacy is important to us!

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