leahjaramilloA big round of applause for IAP2 USA’s conference committee and staff for executing an outstanding North American Conference in Denver! Thanks to those of you who were there and contributed to IAP2 USA’s goal of Pursuing the Greater Good - P2 For a Changing World

In addition to nearly 40 sessions, this conference introduced the pathway concept – where participants took a deep dive into special topics and worked together to develop some output.  Results include an Encyclopedia of Positive Questions – using an appreciative inquiry approach to reframe questions; planned international extension of the IAP2 USA National Dialogue on Conflict’s impact on P2 and an associated white paper, website and resource bank to help practitioners manage conflict and division in our processes. I truly appreciate those of you who waded into the deep end with us. Read more...

Join us!

Pre-Conference Workshops!

P2 Practicioners from backgrounds as diverse as the communities they serve came together to present and participate in this insightful and engaging pre-conference workshop. Each presentation has insightful pointers, examples, and considerations you may want to consider during your next P2 project.

Open Range Powerpoint      Calgary Chinatown Powerpoint
Diverse Populations Powerpoint      Disability Access Powerpoint

Engage on the Open Range: P2 in Rural Communities - Lauren Bartlette and Megan Mucignat

Planning Chinatown: Adventures in Cross-Cultural Engagement - Allison Chan

Working with Diversity in Community Engagement - Marion Sanchez

Accessibility for People with Disabilities – the Final Frontier for Inclusive P2 - Penny Mabie and Jenni Mecham

Four of the world’s most experienced providers of online community engagement software and services convened at this pre-conference workshop. Together they hashed out emerging digital practices, tools, and techniques. A big thank you to our presenters:

  • Dave Biggs co-founder of MetroQuest,
  • Matthew Crozier co- founder of Bang the Table,
  • Charles Connell co-founder of Social Pinpoint
  • Joseph Thornley co-founder of Thornley Fallis

See their powepoint presentation online:

Digital Engagement Powerpoint!

Transportation troubleshooters descended upon Denver in this highly engaging pre-conference workshop! Transportation and infrastructure P2 Practitioners joined together to work through a series of real world cases, explored different ways to approach unique problems, and addressed problems relevant to all P2.  A big that you to our presenters:

  • Anne Brooks and Camden Yehle – Alaska - Transportation Fairs and Community Survey
  • Doise Miers – Texas - The Wirtz Dam Road
  • Judy Pfeifer – Ontario, Canada and Jackie Nirenberg, Texas - Changing P2 practices to meet new expectations
  • Vince Verlaan and Vince Gonsalves – BC, Canada - Brickbats and Bouquets
Registrants Solutions!      Participant Handout

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

Morning Sessions

Managing Polarization in Public Consultation
Eric Bergman, abc, apr, mc, fcprs
Session DescriptionPresentation Handout

Marches and Hats and Sit-ins: P2 in Historically Underserved Communities with Increased Civic Engagement in Times of Unrest
Priya Singh, Senior Associate, PRR &, Brett Houghton, Senior Associate, PRR
Session Description"Low-tech" Session - No slides available

The Future Game – An innovative tool for community engagement for regions facing transition
David Beurle, CEO, Future iQ &, Lehna Malmkvist, Managing Director, Future iQ Canada
Session DescriptionSession Slides

An Engaged City – Inspiring Government and Residents to Action for the Common Good
Karen Roney, Community Services Director, City of Longmont, Colorado
Sandra Seader, Assistant City Manager, City of Longmont, Colorado
Carmen Ramirez, Community & Neighborhood Resources Manager, City of Longmont, Colorado
Erin Fosdick, Senior Planner, City of Longmont, Colorado
Barbara Lewis, Principal, Rocky Mountain Center for Positive Change
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Participatory Systems Change: Engagement for Big Impact
Shauna Sylvester, Director, Centre for Dialogue, Simon Fraser University
Martín Carcasson, Director, Center for Public Deliberation, Colorado State University
Sebastian Merz, Civic Engage Project Manager, Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Building Good P2 Into Your Organization
Deanna Desedas, Public Outreach & Engagement Manager,San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
Ginny Sawyer, Policy and Project Manager - City of Fort Collins
Leah Jaramillo, Somers-Jaramillo + Associates, President IAP2 USA
Session DescriptionSession Slides

We Need to Talk but We’re Stuck!
Mary V. Gelinas, Ed.D.
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Advancing Communities Through the Environmental Justice Academy
Sheryl Good, Program Manager, EJ Academy
Siobhan Whitlock, Co-Program Manager, EJ Academy
Chet Kibble, 2016 EJ Academy Graduate
Ramsey Sprague, 2016 EJ Academy Graduate
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Afternoon Sessions

Are you listening?
Cassandra J. Hemphill, Ph.D.
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Let’s Get Connected: Bringing broadband to a City
David Young, Public Relations Coordinator
Ginny Sawyer, Policy
Annie Bierbower, Civic Engagement Liaison
Session DescriptionSession Slides

“From 10 to 100, engagement in warp speed”
Judy Pfeifer, Chief Communications and Public Affairs Officer, Metrolinx
Session DescriptionSession Slides

In-The-Moment Research to Increase and Learn from P2
Kate Gunby, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate, PRR Inc.
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Dealing With Those People
John Godec, Partner, The Participation Company
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Changing Engagement for a Changing City – The Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Experience
Jane Purvis, Public Engagement Advisor
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Can IAP2’s Paradigms be Expanded to Give Voice to the Masses?
Debra Duerr, Partner, The Participation Company
Wendy Green Lowe, Partner, The Participation Company
Session DescriptionSession Slides

When consultation is not enough - Alberta Airshed Model for Collaboration
Karla Reesor, Executive Director, Alberta Airsheds Council
Gary Redmond, Executive Director, Alberta Capital Airshed
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Why understanding stakeholder perspectives and values can make or break your outcome: When a melting pot of cultures in the middle of the Pacific Ocean becomes a boiling pot for public issues
Mahina Martin
Session DescriptionSession Slides

The power of ‘If not, why not’ Bringing broadband to a City
Kirsty Neill, Senior Engagement Consultant
Lara Tierney, Senior Engagement Consultant
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Engagement Tool Invention Lab
Francesca Patricolo, Planner + Public Involvement Specialist, City of Portland Bureau of Transportation
Lauren Cobb, Principal, Lauren Cobb Consulting LLC
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Raising the Profile of P2: Strategic Communications for Organizations and Individuals
Cathy Smith, IAP2 USA Communications Committee Chair, CityWorks
Traci Ethridge, Communications Committee Member and City of Charlotte, NC
Amelia Shaw, Executive Manager of IAP2 USA and IAP2 Canada
Session DescriptionCity of Charlotte SlidesIAP2 Communications Slides

Friday, September 8th, 2017

Morning Sessions

An Ancient Solution Reimagined for Modern Times
Alan Beattie, People Places Planet / Holyoake
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Where Do You Land on the Spectrum?A Strategic Framework for Sponsoring Public Engagement
Shauna Sylvester, Director, Centre for Dialogue, Simon Fraser University
Sebastian Merz, Civic Engage Project Manager, Simon Fraser University’s Centre for Dialogue
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Our Community Could Blow Up-Do We Have Time for Some Quick Participation? Test Your Skills for Engaging the Public in an Emergency
Doug Sarno, President, Forum Facilitation Group
Kristi Parker Celico, President, Rocky Mountain Collaborative Solutions; Senior staff from EPA Region 6 hopes to participate depending on budget
Session DescriptionSession Slides

When parents, K12 leaders and university students converge to do good: A model for building community capacity for P2
John Poynton, Ph.D., Graduate Research Associate, Colorado State University, Director of Business Development, Integrated Work Strategies, Boulder, Colorado
Martín Carcasson, Ph.D., Professor and Director of the Center for Public Deliberation, Colorado State University
Session DescriptionSession Slides

We the P2 People! Time to take a stand!
Constance Ramacieri,
Hugo Mimee
Session DescriptionSession SlidesSession Slides (.pdf)

Beyond Inclusion: Community partnerships that transform public service culture
Emily Lai, Director of Programs, Momentum Alliance
Peggy Morell, Community Partnerships Program Manager, Metro Regional Government
Patty Unfred Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program Director, Metro Regional Government
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Find the Watering Hole: Using Situational Assessments to Spark Public Engagement
Henrietta DeGroot, Senior Program Manager
Nora Campbell, Program Associate, U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution, Morris K. Udall and Stewart L. Udall Foundation
Stacie Nicole Smith, Senior Mediator and Director of Workable Peace at the Consensus Building Institute (CBI)
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Afternoon Sessions

Making your project team a P2 believer
Kirsty Neill, Senior Engagement Consultant
Lara Tierney, Senior Engagement Consultant, Positive Strategies Collective
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Transforming infrastructure projects into Human-Powered Places
Lynsey Burgess, Senior Associate, PRR
Laura LaBissoniere Miller, Senior Associate, PRR
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Accessibility for People with Disabilities– the final frontier for inclusive P2
Penny Mabie, Senior Associate, EnviroIssues
Jenni Mechem, Citywide ADA Title II Coordinator, City of Seattle
Session DescriptionSession Slides

P2 & Civic Innovation - The Perfect Pair
Lawrence Grodeska, Co-founder & CEO, CivicMakers
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Beginning with the Brain in Mind: Overcoming Polarization through Deliberative Process Design
Martin Carcasson, Ph.D., Director, Colorado State University Center for Public Deliberation
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Breaking Down Walls; Creating a United Front Through Self Reflection
Gemma Puddy, Public Involvement Project Manager, The Langdon Group
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Resilience for All- Resiliencia Para Todos; Systems and Community Working Together
Carmen Ramirez, Manager of Community Neighborhood Resources
Peter Gibbons, Flood Recovery Manager, City of Longmont
Marta Loachamin, Resilience Specialist
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Community Engagement Therapy: Lessons from the Fiasco File
Dave Biggs, Chief Engagement Officer, MetroQuest
Session DescriptionSession SlidesSession Handout

Small Town, Big Dreams
Jennifer Lutz, Town of Olds, Community Facilitator
Mitch Thomson, Executive Director, Olds Institute for Community & Regional Development
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Participation in an Age of Populism: Budgets Matter
Chris Adams, President, Engaged Public, TBD, Bipartisan Policy Center
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Is Collaboration REALLY Possible in Public Participation Processes?
Lewis Michaelson, President, Katz & Associates
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Core Values Awards Gala

The Core Values Award Gala was a night to be remembered. Under the everchanging lights of the History Colorado Center, a mass of P2 practicioners gathered together to celebrate our Core Values Awards winners from across North America. Guests from around the globe sat back and enjoyed presentations, meaningful and heartfelt speeches, and gained insights into community-changing, and perhaps life-changing, projects. 

We want to extend our thanks to those who joined us for this jovial evening! Learn more about the IAP2 USA and IAP2 Canada Core Values Award Winners.

IAP2 USA Winners      IAP2 Canada Winners

New in 2017! Pathways

Pathways were “deep dives” into specific topics; three-hour discussions where participants got to set the agenda, co-create and co-host! Those taking part were able to set the physical and intellectual environment where a small group of people can tackle big questions that ultimately contribute to the field. 

More materials will be added soon! Click on the images below to see their final powerpoints. 

Thank you to our 2017 Conference Sponsors!

If you have questions please contact Amelia at ameliaiap2usa@gmail.com  

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