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Mentor Volunteer Description

Goal of the Mentorship Program

To promote and improve the practice of public participation in the United States and around the world.

Main Functions:

As an IAP2 USA mentor, you will share your knowledge and experience with a mentee to assist in their career development and contribute to the advancement of P2 in support of IAP2’s Core Values and Code of Ethics. This is a nine-month volunteer term. Matches will be made on the basis of interests, skills, background, knowledge and temperament of both the mentee and the mentor.

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Position Type: Volunteer
Location: Virtual or in-person meetings
Commitment: Nine month commitment, October - June 
Time Commitment: Mentor and mentee will collaborate to identify meeting frequency with a suggested minimum of two hours per month

Deliverables & Duties of Committee

As volunteer mentor you will:

  1. Share your knowledge and experience with your mentee partner
  2. Participate with your mentee in developing and committing to a Participant Terms of Reference for a mutual benefit
  3. Commit to success of your mentor partnership
  4. Respect confidentialities and information shared
  5. Be comfortable and able to establish appropriate boundaries with the mentee
  6. Serve as a positive role model by modeling desirable behaviors—e.g. patience, tolerance, and reflective listening
  7. Engage with IAP2 USA appropriately

Skills & Experience of Committee

As volunteer mentor you will bring the following skills and experience:

  • Leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrated experience and knowledge of the P2 profession
  • Reflective listening skills and a sense of humor
  • Encouragement and support
  • Tolerant and respectful of individual and cultural differences
  • Strong knowledge transfer skills


As an IAP2 mentor, you will know you have made a positive impact by:

  • Influencing the advancement of IAP2 USA's professional development
  • Upholding the IAP2 Code of Ethics, Support of the Practice
  • Contribute to your mentee’s growth as a P2 practitioner
  • Utilizing and building on your interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Increase meaningful connections between IAP2 USA members
  • Gain insight into the experience of your mentee
  • Contributing to IAP2 USA’s strategic goal: IAP2 USA is a source and developer of knowledge and resources

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