Senior Cap-and-Invest Market Monitor (Financial Examiner 4) (In-Training)

November 16, 2023 11:01 AM | Dina Storz (Administrator)

The Climate Pollution Reduction Program (CPRP) within the Department of Ecology is looking to fill a Senior Cap-and-Invest Market Monitor (Financial Examiner 4) (In-Training) position. This position is located in our Headquarters Office in Lacey, WA.

As a Senior Cap-and-Invest Market Monitor, you will play a critical role supporting the successful long-term performance of Washington’s cap-and-invest program by helping ensure that our market stays transparent and free of fraud through monitoring of auctions and trading in allowance and other related markets. With your finance and/or econometric skillset, you’ll assess the market’s health with an eye towards Washington’s statutory commitments to decarbonization, and provide input for policy discussions on an ad-hoc basis. Working with Ecology’s Attorney(s) General, you’ll also investigate potential rule violations and support follow up enforcement actions if needed to maintain the market’s integrity.
Through your collaboration with Ecology staff, State agencies, and other cap-and-invest jurisdictions, you’ll cultivate a deep understanding of the nexus between emissions allowance, energy, and financial markets. You’ll become a subject matter expert on cap-and-invest market behavior and serve as a resource to the rest of the CCA (Climate Commitment Act) Implementation Group as we work together to develop, implement, and maintain this powerful emissions-reduction program.

The principal department strategic priorities and goals that relate to the Climate Pollution Reduction Program (CPRP) include: reduce and prepare for climate impacts; prevent and reduce toxic threats; and deliver efficient and effective services. The CPRP’s mission is to implement policies and programs to reduce carbon emissions in the state of Washington so that the state meets its statutory greenhouse gas emission limits. The CPRP focuses long term, requiring creative and strategic decision making for implementation to achieve broad statewide and interstate success reducing carbon emissions in the state of Washington so residents have a healthy environment and climate.

Note: This position offers a career path and on-the-job training. This position allows you to progress through the Financial Examiner (FE) field and achieve the goal class of an FE4. Candidates will be considered at the FE3 and FE4 levels, depending on their qualifications. For salary levels for each, please see the qualifications section.

Tele-work options for this position: This position will be eligible to tele-work up to 3 days pw. Applicants with questions about position location options, tele-work, and flexible or compressed schedules are encouraged to reach out to the contact person listed below in “other information.” Schedules are dependent upon position needs and are subject to change.

Application Timeline: This position will remain open until filled, we will review applications on November 27, 2023. In order to be considered, please submit an application on or before November 26, 2023. If your application isn't received by this date, it may not be considered. The agency reserves the right to make a Hire any time after the initial screening date. 

Salary:  $76,188.00 - $113,160.00 Annually

If you’re interested in applying for this position or reading additional information, please follow this link:
Senior Cap-and-Invest Market Monitor (Financial Examiner 4) (In-Training)

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