Planning and Policy Coordinator (Environmental Planner 5)

August 25, 2023 8:35 AM | Dina Storz (Administrator)

The Environmental Assessment Program (EAP) within the WA Department of Ecology is looking to fill a Planning and Policy Coordinator (Environmental Planner 5) position. This position is located in our Headquarters Office in Lacey, WA. Upon hire, you must live within a commutable distance from the duty station.

If you like environmental science, variety, and to never be bored, then this position may be your dream come true. In this position, you will be an important link between science and policy to connect the high-quality science we do with Ecology’s regulatory programs and policies. You will coordinate our strategic planning efforts to ensure the program is well positioned to provide ongoing scientific support needed by Ecology and the state of Washington. You will also liaison between the legislature, legislative staff, and other Ecology legislative positions to ensure efficient, substantive and practicable pathways are laid out to further the good work we do.

Agency Mission: The mission of the Department of Ecology's is to protect, preserve and enhance Washington's environment for current and future generations.

Program Mission: The Environmental Assessment Program's (EAP) mission is to measure, assess, and communicate environmental conditions in Washington.

Tele-work options for this position: This position will be eligible for up to a 90% tele-work schedule. Applicants with questions about tele-work, and flexible or compressed schedules are encouraged to reach out to the contact person listed below in “other information.” Schedules are dependent upon position needs and are subject to change.

Application Timeline: This position will remain open until filled, we will review applications on September 5, 2023. In order to be considered, please submit an application on or before September 4, 2023. If your application isn't received by this date, it may not be considered. The agency reserves the right to make a Hire any time after the initial screening date. 

Salary: $78,120.00 - $105,096.00

If you’re interested in applying for this position or reading additional information, please follow this link:
Planning and Policy Coordinator (Environmental Planner 5)

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