Frankie Burton

Frankie Burton - San Francisco Bay Area, CA

When my ethos aligns with an organization you cannot stop me from promoting it! This is what happened when I caught the IAP2 bug. I naturally began acting as an IAP2 ambassador after completing the IAP2 Foundations courses in 2017. I truly believe in the mission of IAP2 and want to actively shape the future of IAP2 while spreading the good word! I became a public participation practitioner because I grew up in an environmental justice community and want to help environmental justice communities participate in decisions that impact their lives. In 2019 I attended my first IAP2 conference as am ambassador and helped facilitate a well-attended and three-hour workshop on digital engagement! Now, I serve as vice president of the San Francisco/Oakland Chapter, through which I hope to connect with public participation enthusiasts to collaborate on how to make better decisions together with communities!

Pronoun(s): they/them

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