Communications for Effective Public Participation (1-day course)

  • September 19, 2012
  • Boston, MA

Communications skills provide the foundation and fuel to great public involvement processes. This one-day module offers participants skills and approaches to share among all project team members. It offers an overview of the communication skills used by public participation practitioners provides an introduction to communication skills and models. The course introduces the Principles of Authentic Communications and focuses on presenting information in a variety of forms to reach intended audiences.

The course provides an overview of small- and large-group interaction models and facilitation essentials. Participants learn the elements needed to prepare communication plans and to practice active listening. They gain an understanding of the essentials of communicating risk, managing anger, making effective written and verbal presentations and working with media.

This course is designed as a primer and is suitable for beginning to intermediate level practitioners and those who want a review of a variety of communication techniques. Interactive exercises and practical tips are used to enliven the basic theory and reference materials presented throughout the day and reinforce skills that participants can put to immediate use.

Trainer: Wendy Green Lowe

Cost: $315.00 (IAP2 USA members), $350.00 (non-members)

Early bird discount: Register and pay by August 27, 2012 for  $280 (IAP2 USA members), $295 (non-members).

Registration: League of Extraordinary Trainers (make sure to contact Extraordinary Trainers directly to take advantage of IAP2 USA Member discounts: or 720-237-9175)

Note: Planning for Effective Public Participation is a prerequisite for the Communications and Techniques classes.

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