IAP2 Webinar: COVID-19 Check-in

  • December 08, 2020
  • 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM (PST)
  • online
  • 227



How are you -- and your P2 practice -- faring, eight months into the COVID-19 situation? Back in March, when shutdowns and other restrictions started forcing people to re-work their businesses -- especially those that generally involve in-person events -- we hosted a series of webinars on how to adapt to the “new reality”. Where are things now?

Four practitioners will share their experiences in running P2 processes in a time when traditional in-person sessions have been severely restricted. Trainer/practitioner Susanna Haas Lyons and Elizabeth Buehler of the Corporation of Salt Lake City, UT, who were part of the discussions at the start of the pandemic, will discuss what they've learned. They'll be joined by Azkaa Rahman of the City of Edmonton, Alberta, and Alysia Osborne of the City of Charlotte, NC and all four will take part in a panel discussion. Bring your own experiences, observations and questions.

Adaptive Technologies and P2 - 1 (March 24)

Adaptive Technologies and P2 - 2 (March 24)

Managing with the "New Reality" (March 31)

Bring your experiences and insights to share with your colleagues!

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