IAP2 Taster: Failing Forward

  • February 25, 2020
  • 11:00 AM (PST)


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Engaging the public is risky business…when we invite the people into our decision-making processes, to share what is really important to them, about issues and situations that impact their lives, livelihoods, profits, reputation- the path is not always clear. As a result, our projects can experience significant delays, unexpected hurdles, internal strife and maybe even unwanted media attention. So, we know it’s complicated, we know it’s complex and yet when we come together an industry, we often only share what went REALLY well. What about all the stuff that didn’t go well? The oops, the mistakes, the failed attempts, the “I wish we could do that again” situations that we would like to leave in the closest for no one, especially not fellow industry colleagues, to see.

Your trainer: Kim Hyshka

It’s often said that in our greatest mistakes lies our deepest learnings.  We don’t want to hide from them, and we don’t want you to either. So, let’s leave our egos and shame at the door and come have a taste of what it’s like to come together in failure.  

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IAP2 Tasters are 45-minute versions of longer courses, where participants can gain at least three "take-aways" that they can apply right away to their work. Tasters are offered free of charge and exclusively to IAP2 members.

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