Deliberative Forums – A Deep Dive

  • November 09, 2016
  • (EST)
  • December 12, 2016
  • (EST)
  • through December 12, 2016 (EST) with two live online sessions: Tuesday, November 15, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Eastern and Tuesday, December 6, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Eastern


  • For members of the IAP2 Affiliates or IAP2 Federation International Associates.

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What kind of tools and techniques do you use in your P2 processes? Are you keen to learn about a deep, rich conversational process that allows for critical thinking and productive discussion that results in a decision all while bringing participants together to jointly explore the pros and cons of a variety of alternatives? This course is intended to provide you with a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of how to design and implement a deliberative forum all while complementing and building on the content introduced in the IAP2 Foundations for Public Participation course.

Who should take this course?
The IAP2 Foundations for Public Participation training course offers two packed days of technique exploration and provides an excellent overview of many different types of conversation techniques. However, it does not allow for a detailed, in-depth discovery of specific techniques – like the deliberative forum. This course gives you a comprehensive look into one specific technique that you can then apply or implement with increased skill and expertise. Moreover, it is designed for participants who are new to using deliberative forums and are looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of how to effectively design and implement a deliberative forum process.

Learner Outcomes
At the end of this online course, participants will:

  • Understand the key differences and signifiers of a deliberative process compared to other public participation techniques;
  • Consider and develop guiding principles to embed in future deliberative processes;
  • Assess your skills and knowledge to design and implement deliberative processes;
  • Explore the opportunities and challenges associated with using a deliberative forum as well as establish criteria to determine when or when not to use this P2 technique;
  • Receive a deliberative forum “how to” guide including: how to frame a topic for conversation, key steps in facilitating a face-to-face deliberative forum, and tips and tools related to question development, reporting and working with different perspectives

Working on your own or with a small group of other participants, using real world topics and situations, you will work through the process to frame, design and prepare for a deliberative forum.

Dates: November 9 through December 12
In Week 1 participants complete course activities on their own with formal online support. In Week 2, a live session with all participants will take place on Tuesday, November 15, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Eastern. Week 3 will also provide a live session on Tuesday, December 6, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Eastern. In Week 4, like Week 1, participants complete course activities on their own with formal online support.


  • Tuesday, November 15, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Eastern
  • Tuesday, December 6, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm Eastern

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Discount: Registered participants will be invited to help us evaluate this inaugural course. If you participate in this evaluation, 20% of your registration will be reimbursed upon receipt of your final evaluation.

Trainers: Stephani Roy McCallum & Erin Pote
Stephani Roy McCallum is a Leadership and Life Coach, Certified Professional Facilitator and a seasoned public engagement practitioner specializing in conflict, high emotion and controversy. She has worked around the globe on controversial projects, working with individuals, organizations and communities to transform conflict and create momentum for positive change. She has been a licensed trainer of the IAP2 Foundations Certificate in Public Participation since 2005, and was lead developer of IAP2’s Emotion, Outrage and Public Participation course. She has been an IAP2 Assessor, coach and mentor for new candidate trainers for all of IAP2's training programs, and was the 2008 President of IAP2 International. She has a background in Sociology, and holds certificates in co-active coaching, authentic leadership, community development & alternative dispute resolution.

Stephani McCallum
Stephani Roy McCallum

Erin Pote is a gifted teacher, who believes deeply in the power of generosity, kindness and empathy to change people, the conversation and the communities we live in. Erin has developed and trains a number of Dialogue Partner’s advanced courses in the field. Erin has extensive experience designing and facilitating conversations on complex, emotional issues such as community building, Aboriginal and First Nation rights and entitlements, infill development, and natural disaster / emergency preparedness. Her creative mind for layout and design of engagement and communications materials are often leveraged to translate complex, technical materials into pictures, visuals and tools that connect directly to people’s values and lives.

Erin Pote
Erin Pote

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