Cassandra Hemphill, Ph.D., CP3

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Cassie Hemphill, CP3 

Missoula, MT

Cassie Hemphill has 30 years of experience in organizational development and communication management, and 15 years of experience designing and delivering professional development and academic courses. Her work with non-profit and commercial organizations includes developing management systems and processes, delivering winning grants and proposals, and helping teams solve complex problems. She teaches and coaches adults from pre-university to post-career, emphasizing transferable applied skills to meet personal and professional goals. Cassie’s Ph.D. research explored public/private collaboration in environmental management. Her M.A. research analyzed decision-makers’ openness to public input. She has a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution, and is a Certified Mediator and a Certified Virtual Facilitator. When she’s not at her desk, she’s baking (in the winter), gardening and hiking (in the summer), or reading for fun (year-round).

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