Cassandra Hemphill, Ph.D., CP3

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Cassandra Hemphill, PhDCP3
& IAP2 USA Ambassador 
Missoula, MT

Communications practitioner and educator; servant leader; volunteer. Cassandra (Cassie) Hemphill has 30 years of experience in participatory decision processes, professional and technical communication, and adult learning. In addition to her work in public participation, she has served as managing editor for scientific and engineering publications, managed multi-million dollar commercial bids and proposal projects, and facilitated organizational change and performance improvement processes. She has a Ph.D. in Forestry, an M.A. in Communication Studies, and a graduate certificate in Natural Resource Conflict Resolution. She is currently completing the requirements for certification as a mediator. The thread that connects these interests is helping community stakeholders and governments share in the hard work of solving complex problems that affect society. Cassie currently splits her time between managing IAP2's international training program, teaching university courses, and contributing to the profession through her service on boards and committees, including participating in university shared governance as president of her faculty labor union.

I became an Ambassador for IAP2 USA so that I can more widely share the values and tools of effective P2 with people and organizations who have not yet found our organization. I have appreciated having IAP2 USA as a home, and I would like to share the opportunity with others.

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