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June 2014

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Dear IAP2 Members,

We hope you have had a great kick off to the Summer season! Please take a few minutes to look at all the exciting updates we have for the NA Conference, Training, Certification, and other opportunities to become more involved with IAP2 USA. We hope you have a very Happy July 4th this coming week.  
And, remember: Don't wait, Participate! 

Best, IAP2 USA

From IAP2 USA President Doug Zenn:

The Cascade Chapter in Oregon just held its eighth “PI Works” conference Bend, Oregon, in Mid-June. I noted at this conference that the chapter’s successes have paralleled the craft brewing industry’s rise in the last 15 years Coincidence? Maybe.

Or maybe it’s the coffee, or maybe it’s the water, but there’s no doubt that shared time amongst Northwest practitioners undefined beers among peers, in some cases undefined has certainly spurred conversations that have advanced the public engagement practice here.  Is it so bad that we talk about public involvement and India Pale Ales in the same breath? It isn’t that much of a stretch? Say these out loud: (1) I’m a member of IAP2; then (2) If you’re having an India Pale Ale, I’ll have an IPA, too.

Joking aside, this organization faces challenges that all national organizations face, in having these conversations when we’re spread across the country and busy in our jobs every day.  The technologies are here, but the wide-spread understanding of how to use them is not…yet.  How will we move our practice forward nationally? IAP2 USA now has annual conferences, local events, training and webinars; and we’re working to expand these offerings. IAP2 USA’s presence on LinkedIn and Facebook offers our members additional opportunities to connect. We’re working with U.S. mayors on what cities and counties need to further promote a healthy and productive culture of engagement with community members. We’re working with the White House on best practices for federal agencies. How would you like to hear about these? How would YOU like to be involved?

Knowledge of IAP2 Core Values and guiding principles is already a “sought” attribute in job and proposal applications.  A team is working on the development of a certification program that we think is a next giant leap forward for our field. 119 practitioners weighed in with their thoughts on what our field core competencies need to be. That’s a great start.

In the upcoming months, we will conduct a survey of members. Give all of these questions some thought and help to shape the future of this organization.  I estimate that at any given time, we have at least 50 volunteers contributing to the organization and advancing the practice.  That’s outstanding, and our field would not be where it is today without this dedication. A lot is happening, but you’d expect that, since our field is evolving rapidly. We all need IAP2 to come together; and for that to happen, we need you. Step up. Join us for a virtual beer … or coffee … or an IAP2 IPA, too.

 IAP2 USA Certification Program

We hit our goal of 100 participants!

The IAP2 USA Board of Directors convened a Task Force in November 2013 to develop recommendations for developing a professional certification program.  A Task Force of 13 people (which includes two people from IAP2 Canada and one from IAP2 Southern Africa) has met a total of 16 times (!) so far.  Our most recent effort has been to survey members and other professionals to solicit input for development into the “core competencies” that will shape the application and assessment process we will recommend.

To read more about next steps, click here

Why is Certification important? 
IAP2 USA is pleased to be introducing a series of videos which speak to questions that we have received from our members.  

The third one in this series is by Wendy Lowe on "Why is Certification Important?"

At this time we would also like to sincerely thank all those members that participated in the making of these video clips.  

We hope that you enjoy what you see and would welcome your feedback as well as future questions.  

IIAP2 Webinar + Core Value Awards
IAP2 NA Conference

July Webinar: Using Visuals to Engage and Inform Communities

Visuals of complex ideas and information stimulate creative thinking and help people engage more deeply and collaboratively.  

This webinar will share examples of visuals used to facilitate contentious public meetings and used in the visioning process and strategic planning. How can visuals help you tell the story? 

Learn which method is most effective. Also included are valuable insights into the five stages of issue engagement with community decision making.

John Blakinger is an organizational consultant who specializes in helping groups achieve their strategic intent using more effective and productive decision-making processes and tools.  John is the Co-founder of CivilSay.

To register, click here


Core Value Awards Update: Review Underway

The 2014 Core Value Awards are in full swing, with submittals under review and announcements of winners to be made in Winnipeg at the IAP2 North America Conference Core Values Awards Gala, September 30, 2014.  

Our judging panel includes seasoned practitioners with many years of experience and research expertise.  They bring great wisdom and insight to this volunteer work.  

We are appreciative of the hours of service by: 

  1. Dr. Jim Creighton
  2. Mike Huggins
  3. Lewis Michelson
  4. Joel Mills
  5. Dr. Marty Rozelle

To read more, click here


Sept. 28-30, 2014 / 
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 

Weeks to go: 

The IAP2 2014 North American Conference will feature presentations and activities, all designed by P2 professionals to educate, inspire and encourage other P2 practitioners. Each week until the start of the Conference, we'll send you updates on what you can look forward to.


Tues. 9/30 -- "How Kinder Morgan re-wrote the rule book on building trust in pipelines" Read more here. 

Mon. 9/29 -- "A reflection on P2 Utopia"  Read more here. 

For information on all the sessions and their presenters, read the "Conference-at-a-glance" and "Meet the Presenters" on the North American Conference website.

Deadlines are looming -- remember that you have just over a month now to register for the Conference at the "early-bird" rates. Read more.

Read more about the following here
  • Technology Fair 

  • All work and no play 
  • Welcome to our sponsors! 
  • Helping hands 

Remember: you can get Conference information any time by visiting the 2014 IAP2 North American Conference website.
 Interesting Links
     IAP2 Talks

Links to interesting articles or activities:

Join Matt Leighninger (DDC), Gloria Rubio-Cortes (National Civic League), Josh Lerner (PB Project), and Mike Huggins (Civic Praxis) for a special ICMA workshop, “Beyond Three Minutes at the Microphone: Participatory Budgeting, Text-enabled Dialogue, and Other Cutting-Edge Practices for Public Engagement,” on July 17 in Boston, in conjunction with the Frontiers of Democracy conference 

"Simply put, the research shows that citizen engagement initiatives make life better…for everyone."

"We need a real digital public square, not one hosted by Facebook, shaped by Google and snooped on by the NSA," writes Micah Sifry in his new book -  "If we don’t build one, then any notion of democracy as ‘rule by the people’ will no longer be meaningful.  We will be a nation of Big Data, by Big Email, for the powers that be.”

IAP2 Talks Presents: 


Nan Ellin is Professor and Chair of the Department of City & Metropolitan Planning at University of Utah.  Her IAP2 Talk demonstrates how changing our orientation - to focus on assets and the  future rather than problems and the past - can benefit society.  This inspiring talk provides examples from her work as an urban designer to illustrate how changing perspective can move communities from sustainability to prosperity. To see the video, click here.

 Social Media 101      Chapter News

Social Media 101

Twitter Basics:

140 = Your tweet. Bite-sized. 140 characters of space to type your message. Be short and to the point.

# = People use the hashtag symbol # before a relevant keyword or phrase (no spaces) in their Tweet to categorize those Tweets and help them show more easily in Twitter Search.


Links = Help describe the corresponding text. With only 140 characters to tweet, it is essential to have tiny links or URLs.


Tiny Links = Common 3rd party link shorteners are and


Time To Share = Mornings and evenings are best.  Do not share between 6-8am and 4-7pm (commuting times).  


When To Share = Define your interests and update 1-3x a day!


What To Share = Post Photos, Post Links to Articles, Ask Questions, Post Helpful Hints

IAP2 Cascade Chapter: 2014 PI Works, 8th  Annual! 

As IAP2 USA President Doug Zenn noted, The Cascade Chapter in Oregon just held its eighth “PI Works” conference Bend, Oregon, in Mid-June. The PI Works conference was a huge success as stakeholder engagement pros met for a rousing day and a half in beautiful Bend, Oregon. This was the 8th PI Works regional conference, the Pacific Northwest's signature event for public participation, presented by Cascade Chapter of IAP2 USA.

If you're interested to learn more about the conference, or how you can do something similar to this in your region, please email us at

Call for Leaders in Gulf Coast Chapter

If you're in the Gulf Coast Chapter and are interested in getting more involved with individuals in your area-- please email us at to see how you can become a Chapter Leader. 

Upcoming Events       Upcoming Opportunities
IAP2 NA Conference Registration
September 28-30, 2014
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 

July Webinar: Using Visuals to Engage and Inform Communities
July 8, 2014
Online Webinar

Stay tuned for more events! 
    IAP2 USA Training Coordinator Job Position
Application open till July 2, 2014

The Training Coordinator is responsible for arranging, promoting, and managing IAP2 USA-hosted training. Compensation is currently commission-based. 

To apply or learn more, click here
 Call for Volunteers      Online Resources

We are making a call to action to our members to sign up for our Communications and/or Membership Committees.

If you are interested please click here, to note your interest. Also please email us at

More information on the Committees: 

Communications Committee: This committee is the face of IAP2 USA. The leaders in this team will be essential to the communication of events, trainings, and opportunities to the members of IAP2 USA.

Membership Committee: Our objective is to assess the current membership situation and develop a set of concrete recommendations for the Board. Our work will focus on a number of crucially important topics, including marketing and outreach, recruitment and retention, rates and revenues, improved alignment of services with member needs, and strategic partnerships. 

    Members-Only Section
Visit www.iap2usa.orgsign in and click on the "Members-Only" tab to gain access to the monthly webinar recordings, printable IAP2 materials for meetings and more! 

Membership Certificate
To receive a free, printable membership certificate from IAP2 USA with your current membership information, email 
and we'll send one right over!

Job Postings 
To post a job on our website, email with the organization name, job title, closing date, brief job description/highlight and any other relevant information. 

Let's build the ultimate P2 resource list!
Wouldn't it be nice if there was a list of all the best public participation resources out there? 

Let us know if you have any thoughts or ideas of resources to be included on this list by emailing us at:                                  
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IAP2 USA advances public participation in the United States by providing its affiliate members with tools and information to conduct high-quality public participation processes, by providing government, industry,  non-profit organizations and participants with educational resources to increase the quality and value of their participation in such processes,  and by advocating for quality public participation programs based on our Core Values and Code of Ethics. Learn more about us here                          



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