IAP2 USA November - December Newsletter

Changes a-plenty as 2019 rolls into 2020.

In this issue, you’ll find: 

FEATURES: President Cathy Smith invokes the memory of Mae West in her reflections on the year-just-ending, and we get an update from our new Executive Manager Gail Madziar. Have you responded to the Member Survey yet? Your feedback is very important to this organization. Core Values Awards triple win.  Certification deadline for our next Assessment Center. We’ll meet Dan Adams, winner of the Greater Good Award, and Emerging Leader award-winner Isis Lopez. And ...IAP2 USA Launches Year-end Giving Campaign for Scholarships

EVENTS: Make your plans to join us at the Sacramento Skills Symposium and the 2020 North American Conference in Banff. Check out our webinars - “Webinar Rewinds” on the first two webinars of the new “season”, and a look-ahead to the December offering.

INTERESTING LINKS: takes us back 44 presidents, to some prophetic words for our time, and a “racism checklist” from a most unlikely source.

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President's Message: Catherine Smith, CP3

Mae West Was Right

"Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.” – Mae West.

Too much good—is that even possible? I don’t think so. There’s always room for doing more good in our world, and especially at IAP2 USA where we teach people what good decisions made together means.
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Catherine Smith, CP3

Message from the Executive Director:  

As your new Executive Manager, it has been a pleasure these past few weeks getting to know the IAP2 USA Board and members. It’s clear you are all a very dedicated group. We have been busy at the IAP2 virtual office as well and you will notice some changes as we move forward in our organizational growth.

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Gail Madziar, Executive Director

Don't miss out on the 2019 Membership Survey!  

IAP2 USA Members, you have the power to determine the future of IAP2 USA! 

We are counting on you to help us define and guide our strategic vision, by taking 10 or 15 minutes to complete our membership survey. Tell us what you think. What services are you using? How could we improve? Complete the survey by December 11, and you'll have the opportunity to be entered for a chance to win one of five Amazon gift cards! 

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2019 Membership Survey

TRIPLE-PLAY! IAP2 USA projects sweep international honors!

Portland Bureau of Transportation
The City of Boulder, Colorado

All three of the “national” 2019 IAP2 USA Core Values Award winners topped the worldwide Core Values Awards, announced in October at the IAP2 Australasian Conference.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation, which won for “PedPDX”, shared the Project of the Year award with a project by the City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. (See the “Webinar Rewind” later in this newsletter.) The City of Boulder, Colorado, won Organization of the Year for its re-imagining its already-robust public engagement process, and the Research Project award went to PRR Inc. of Seattle, for its “Easy-to-Use Toolkit” for evaluating a P2 process.

Have you led or been part of a stellar P2 project? Is your organization setting an outstanding example of commitment to P2? Time to think about applying for the 2020 IAP2 Core Values Awards. The application period opens in February, so watch for more information in the New Year - and in the meantime, visit the Core Values Awards page to get familiar with the process and the requirements.

CERTIFICATION: Next deadline is coming up!

Have you completed the Foundations course? Have you mastered the Five Core Competencies and built a “track record” as a public participation practitioner? Time to take the next step and get certified as a P2 professional! The deadline to apply for the next Certification Assessment Center (June 5-6, 2020) is coming up January 31, 2020.

With people increasingly demanding a voice in matters that affect them, governments and businesses are looking for people who meet a rigorous set of standards in the field, and the designation “CP3” shows them just that. Download the Applicant’s Kit and get started today!

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Training in Transition  

As of January 1, 2020, responsibility for IAP2 training will transfer from the Federation to the individual affiliates. It’s part of a revision of the relationship between the worldwide body and the affiliates, with the Federation now known as “International” (yes, the International Association for Public Participation, International) and the affiliates becoming “Regions”. The regions -- such as USA. Canada, Australasia, etc. -- will be responsible for licensing, administering and in some cases hosting training.

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Member Profile: Isis Lopez

Community Engagement Specialist, Austin Code Department, City of Austin.

Recipient, IAP2 Greater Good / Emerging Leader Award.

Isis is the lead of the Community Engagement Team at the Austin, Texas, Code Department, which is responsible foreducating, collaborating and partnering with neighborhoods, businesses, non-profits, and other city departments. Isis incorporates IAP2’s Core Values into her daily work. As the department’s only Language Access Coordinator, Isis has become a dedicated advocate and champion for diversity.

How does P2 figure in the City Code Department?

If you drive through the streets of Austin, you will see juxtaposed living situations—model luxury homes next to homes that are older and in need of maintenance. When the Austin Code Department was initiated, the message for our office was that of awareness – “call Austin 311 to report violations.” But our team realized that we were treating the symptoms and not addressing possible solutions or preventing the violations.

In 2018, we shifted our mindset from “report your neighbor” to learning more about the codes and empowering individuals with resources and information … (including) about their rights.

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Member Profile: Dan Adams

Executive Director, The Langdon Group

Recipient, 2019 IAP2 USA Greater Good Award

Dan Adams is with the The Langdon Group and was nominated for his many outstanding qualities as an innovator and collaborator. Dan focuses on engagement by encouraging his staff to visit and build relationships with stakeholders. He has brought IAP2 and its core values into his work ethic and team. His blends the disciplines of alternative dispute resolution and public participation to help people see other points of view.

“I look at public involvement from a systemic approach. One thing I learned from working in ADR is that most of the problems I saw were organizational conflicts. The parties would come to mediation trying to solve situational issues, but not addressing the larger systemic issue.

To help me learn how to think systemically and work from that perspective, I earned a master’s degree in organizational behaviour from BYU.  I have learned through tough experience that you really have to tackle what I call the ‘5Ps’ when you are asked to do public involvement.”

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IAP2 USA Launches Year-end Giving Campaign for Scholarships  

In an effort to expand IAP2 USA training opportunities to more community members, students, and future P2 leaders, we are excited to announce we are growing our scholarship program! 

We need your help. Your tax-deductible gift will support scholarships for registration to IAP2 Training opportunities. Help us reduce barriers and expand access so that more people have the tools to help spread good P2 through our neighborhoods, around college campuses, and throughout our country. 

Good P2 begins with you!


2020 Skills Symposium: Sacramento, CA

The program is now set for the 2020 IAP2 USA Skills Symposium, March 9 - 13 in Sacramento. We’re excited to offer some courses that have proven popular in the first two Symposia, like Design, Facilitate, Connect: curating powerful meetings and events,  Evaluating and Measuring Public ParticipationIAP2’s Strategies for Dealing with Opposition & Outrage in Public Participationas well as some new ones, including Brave, Honest Conversations,  The Nimble Facilitator, Engaging Immigrants and Other Underserved Communities and Making a Difference: Advancing Equity in Practice.  So make your plans and register by January 10 to get the early-bird discount! Take note: if you’re an APA AICP, all Skills Symposium courses are eligible for AICP Certification Maintenance Credits. Learn more here. 

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IAP2 North American Conference: Banff, AB

DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SHARE? Applications will open in the New Year for session presentations at the 2020 IAP2 North American Conference, September 9 - 11 in Banff, AB.

The application period will open in January and run through to February, so watch your inbox for more information! And a big “Thank you!” to all those who stepped up to volunteer for the Conference committees!

Webinar Rewind:  

Two projects, which focused on equalizing conditions for everyone, were featured in the October learning webinar. The Portland (OR) Bureau of Transportation and the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer were named IAP2 Projects of the Year for Canada and the USA, respectively, at the 2019 IAP2 Core Values Awards.
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In November, the first “Charlotte Encore” featured one of the keynotes from the North American Conference. Liz Styron and Kaleia Martin of YES! - Youth-Empowered Solutions shared their perspective on racism in the system and bringing youth into conversations on policies that affect them.

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Webinar(s) On-Deck:  

Coming up in December, we dive deeper into Indigenous Engagement. Nadine St-Louis of Les productions feux sacrés will join us for “Understanding History, Territory and Indigenous Identity for Inclusion ... a step towards reconciliation”, Tuesday, December 10 at 11am Pacific time (2pm Eastern). While this webinar uses Canadian experiences as a touchpoint, its concepts can apply to any situation involving colonized people and a linguistic minority.

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In January, we present the IAP2 Organizations of the Year for the USA and Canada: two medium-sized cities, which made commitments to increased, meaningful engagement with their publics. How did Boulder, Colorado and Kingston, Ontario overcome public skepticism and staff trepidation? What are they doing that other organizations -- governmental or non -- can adapt to their own situations? Join us Tuesday, January 14, 2020, at 11am Pacific (2pm Eastern) to find out.

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Interesting Link(s):  

From The Atlantic, an opinion piece reflects on George Washington’s farewell letter to the people and its prophetic warnings about factionalism.

This item from the New York Times(released around Thanksgiving but valid anytime)looks at holiday-season family gatherings, and how to hold a conversation on potentially divisive issues.

How can you identify systemic racism? Here’s a seven-scoop offering from Ben and Jerry’s.

As the P2 profession regards online engagement as a vital tool, VICE makes the case that internet access should be treated as a “human right”.

Some findings from research in Manitoba, Canada, indicating a need for greater involvement, at an earlier stage. by patients in the health care process.

From WBUR News (NPR Boston), a report calling for more public participation, among other things, to improve diversity in state and local elected bodies.

From Phys.org, a report on a study into lead contamination in drinking water across Canada, referring to a call by Parliament for public consultations on the issue.

From Lexology, an opinion that the Ontario government failed to consult over the move to pull out of the federal cabon tax program.

Have you found an article that needs to be shared with the P2 Community? Send it to us at amelia@iap2usa.org!

Upcoming Events:  

Dec. 10IAP2 December Learning Webinar: “Understanding Indigenous Identity for Public Engagement”.  Register here.

Dec. 20 - Jan. 5 (inclusive) IAP2 OFFICES CLOSED

January - Application period opens for session submissions at 2020 IAP2 North American Conference (through Feb.- more information to come).

January 10 IAP2 USA Skills Symposium -- Early-bird deadline

Jan. 14IAP2 Monthly Webinar - Core Values Awards - 2019 Organizations of the Year. Register here

Jan. 31 IAP2 Professional Certification. Deadline to apply for the June 5-6 Assessment Center. More information here.

Feb. 18 IAP2 Monthly Webinar -- Talking To Planners And Engineers About P2 Register here

Feb. 12 IAP2 Core Values Awards -- application period opens. More information here.

March 9 - 13IAP2 Skills Symposium -- Sacramento, CA. More information here.

March 10 IAP2 Monthly Webinar -- TBA Register here

April 14IAP2 Monthly Webinar -- TBA Register here

April 16IAP2 USA Annual General Meeting -- online. Register here.

May 12IAP2 Monthly Webinar -- TBA Register here

June 5 - 6 IAP2 Certification Assessment Center -- Location TBA More information here.

June 30Early-bird deadline for IAP2 North American Conference

Sept. 9 - 112020 IAP2 North American Conference, Banff AB.