greater good award

Recognizing individual excellence in pursuing the greater good.

The Greater Good Award is presented each year by the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) USA to recognize excellence achieved by individuals in the field of public participation in the United States. Their hard work ensures the people have a voice in things that affect them is often unsung.

Candidate(s) may be nominated by any IAP2 USA Member, Chapter or Committee. Nominees do not need to be a practitioner nor a member of IAP2 or its affiliates. All that is required is the nominee has illustrated outstanding leadership, service, and application of the IAP2 Core Values in the field of public participation. The selection of the honorees is made by the IAP2 USA President, and awards will be given at the 2019 IAP2 North American Conference in Charlotte, NC.

Past Winners

2018 Greater Good Award Recipeint - Barbara Lewis

2018 Greater Good Award Barbara Lewis

Congratulations to Barbara Lewis of Denver, Colorado for receiving the 2018 Greater Good Award! Barbara has been in the field of Public Paricipation "decades ago" and has been supporting the practice ever since. She is a change-maker, mediator, and staunch supporter of public participation. Here is some of what she had to say in her 2018 Member Profile:

"If I could imagine the award I’d want to receive, it would be called the Greater Good Award – for mentoring and advancing positive change — and it is especially gratifying coming from IAP2 since I’ve had some of my best and most rewarding experiences with this organization.
Those of us who started decades ago have gone from being called the “milk-and-cookies lady” and having our work referred to as “fluff” to becoming key strategic partners. IAP2 has done a phenomenal job of raising the status of public participation as a profession, and I am proud of my part in that, especially helping to create the IAP2 Foundations training, as a developer of the Techniques course and a “master” trainer.
It made me especially happy to get the award in Canada, because one of my peak IAP2 experiences was the initial train-the-trainer academy for the first class of Foundations trainers in Kananaskis (Alberta). We had so much fun and got to innovate on the fly. Many of the people who are superstar trainers today were in that academy. At that time, IAP2 training was still in the incubator stage, and it has since blossomed so beautifully. I’m proud to have been one of many sparks to make that happen.
The humbled part comes from following on the footsteps of Jim Creighton’s receiving this award in Denver. So many have contributed so much to grow our practice and IAP2 as an organization. I am also humbled by the promise of how today’s emerging leaders in public participation will take our profession to the next level, to be recognized as a major force in building and rebuilding the public voice and influence in the world."

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2018 Greater Good Award Certification Task Force

2018 Greater Good Award - Certification Task Force

This dedicated group of P2 practitioners and IAP2 leaders have spent the last 6 years developing a professional certification program from the ground up.

This group of individuals collected international practitioner responses to help determine the essential capabilities a P2 professional should have to effectively design, implement, and evaluate public participation programs to develop an assessment program to test and verify that applicants have these core competencies. Meet the Certification Task Force Members (above right to left):

  • Wendy Lowe
  • Amelia Shaw (honorary award for support and coordination in the creation of this program)
  • Tina Geiselbrecht
  • Cassandra Hemphill
  • Debra Duerr
  • Ken Smith
  • Brenda Pichette (not in photo)

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