October Webinar: Focus on Diversity

  • October 08, 2013
  • 12:00 PM
  • webinar call


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With shifting immigration, migration and urbanization patterns, an aging society and a growing awareness of the range of human differences in our population, practitioners need to make sure the voices of a culturally diverse population are heard.

This webinar will look at the importance of culture and diversity in our public engagement practices and examine the role that attitudes, values and beliefs play in public involvement with diverse groups.  

Best practices and tools will be discussed and participants will gain a better understanding of their role as a practitioner in inclusive and diverse public engagement


Carol Neuman, Executive Director of Alberta Students' Union, is on the Board of NexGen, which is responsible for the Youth Engagement Strategy at the City of Edmonton, Alberta.  The Strategy was the result of a challenge from Mayor Stephen Mandel to get youth involved in the P2 process. Carol was instrumental in developing the strategy through cross-sector partnerships that included the public engagement community, businesses, not-for-profits,  community groups and many other segments of our community.

Stephani Roy McCallum of Dialogue Partners will explore the importance of using a cultural lens in engagement, with emphasis on the influences of beliefs, values, worldviews, attitudes and perceptions and the impact that these have on group processes. Dialogue Partners has designed and delivered workshops that focus on the importance of culture and diversity in public engagement.


Francesca Patricolo is principal of Voice Public Involvement, an Oregon-based consulting firm specializing in community-engagement processes for planning and public policy decision-making. VPI’s approach puts social equity in the forefront and applies the “Platinum Rule” to cross-cultural dynamics: how would your community like to be treated and what does success look like to your community? Her academic achievements include an Master’s Degrees in Conflict and Dispute Resolution and Community and Regional Planning from the University of Oregon.


Marion Sanchez is currently Community Engagement Consultant for the city of Austin, TX, where her duties include managing a variety of outreach and engagement projects, developing multicultural strategies and plans, and assisting the City’s Departments reaching to disfranchised communities. A native of Venezuela, Marion has spent over 25 years working to bring Austin’s Hispanic community into the public process, and as Community Outreach Coordinator for the Austin Fire Department, she obtained a FEMA grant to provide services to populations at risk and managed to increase applications to the Department from  Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians and women to over 50%.

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