Welcome to IAP2’s Ambassador Program! The program is new for 2018 and was created to give practitioners tools, resources and support to broaden the reach and implementation of good P2.

Bring IAP2 USA  to a community near you!

The program is designed to be flexible and scalable to meet the needs of practitioners with a little, or a lot, of extra time they want to use elevating understanding of good P2 in their local communities.

Ambassadors can do this in a number of ways, including:

  • presenting to a chamber of commerce, or others, about how good P2 processes can save time and increase support for decisions
  • hosting a monthly IAP2 webinar and inviting local agencies to attend
  • volunteering with your local IAP2 chapter on an activity or event
  • share a social media post about P2
  • write a newsletter article about a Core Value
  • ... and so much more! 

Good P2 Matters Now more than ever.

  • Desire for increased transparency
  • Have a right to be involved
  • Expectation of being heard
  • Need supported and sustainable decisions
  • Increased outrage


  • Raise awareness of what good P2 is
  • Support strategic alliance building
  • Increase institutional support for P2

Get acquainted! Watch the webinar:

Becoming an Ambassador:  What is in it for you?

Ambassadors can play an important role in advancing P2 and creating stronger connections to the IAP2 Core Values and Ethics. In addition to the altruistic element of the program, Ambassadors have the opportunity to be seen as best practices experts, engage in best practices conversations, collaboratively brainstorm opportunities and problems, and meet potential new clients. Program benefits include:

  • Access to Ambassador Toolkit
  • Access to dedicated Ambassador social media page for dialogue with other ambassadors
  • Quarterly conference calls for support and networking
  • Professional development resources and support, potentially including introduction to a professional mentor, special webinar or training, professional development plan
  • Special designation on North American Conference badge
  • Recognition in North American Conference program
  • Biography featured on IAP2 website, LinkedIn, social media, and in the newsletter,
  • Opportunity to participate in a dedicated conference presentation at the 2019 NAC conference
  • Free IAP2 t-shirt
  • Marketability resources-LinkedIn tips

IAP2 staff keep you well supplied with support and resources including a ready-made toolkit with promotional materials, a presentation, and communication tools to help you reach out to organizations in your community. Ambassadors will be asked to participate in quarterly conference calls and can work one-on-one with staff to set up an action plan and/or get support to identify organizations to reach out to.

Ambassadors have flexibility to do as much outreach as they can, whether that is reaching out to organizations that can benefit from good P2 and helping them learn more or getting them to sign Core Values pledges. The relationships created by the Ambassadors will bring greater awareness to IAP2’s ethics and values, and ultimately, lead to more opportunities to make good decisions together.

Toolkit materials will be provided to Ambassadors who participate in the program. These include:

  • Fully developed presentation about IAP2, ethics, core values, and good P2 that can be customized
  • Customizable letter to pitch a presentation to an agency
  • Letter of support for agencies to use to gain internal support for P2
  • Core Values Pledge template
  • Branded IAP2 materials included presentation, postcard, spectrum of participation, etc
  • Official IAP2 email account if requested

Interested in becoming an Ambassador? We are currently recruiting and looking specifically for IAP2 members with skill, experience, and success at promoting causes or events. If you would like to be considered please email Stacee Adams at stacee@somers-jaramillo.com

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