Gwen Howard
Corporate and Community Strategist/Advisor

Gwen Howard is an independent consultant working with Connected Realities and other organizations doing work as a Corporate and Community Strategist/Advisor.

As a recently retired utilities employee, Gwen has over 20 years of experience building effective strategies in issues, communication, stakeholder engagement and facilitation for the organization and the community. She is responsible for developing and implementing strong engagement programs for large electric and water projects and planning processes, and has played a key role in the placement of long term water and diverse energy portfolio strategies. She has designed and managed large utility construction notification processes having broad community impacts. Gwen brings her strong leadership, facilitation, team-building and relationship skills to every interaction and has helped bridge divides between government organizations and the community. She is viewed as a reliable source in advising company, community leaders, and government leaders in creating consensus building, and sustainable solutions.

Gwen’s leadership, experience, and passion for her work extends beyond utilities and government entities to the nonprofit sector. She believes in the power and effectiveness of nonprofits. Not only serving on numerous boards and in key positions over the past 20 years but during that time has been successful in helping many nonprofits evaluate their organizational and strategic planning structures in effort to strengthen their future and financial outlook. Her work with and influence on nonprofits can be seen across the front range of Colorado.

Gwen is a graduate of the University of Colorado with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Administration, and a Master of Arts degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Colorado Christian University.

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