Good People

Leah Jaramillo

IAP2 USA President Leah Jaramillo shares her experiences at the 2017 IAP2 North American Conference, reflects on the state of P2 Practice, and introduces a new award: The Greater Good Award.

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Building Good Skills

Join us this February in Austin, Texas for the 2018 Skills Symposium. Choose from more than 10 diverse training opportunities to explore topics ranging from Foundations in P2 to Recovery after Disaster.

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A World of Good

In September of 2017 practicioners came from around the world to unveil 2017 Core Values Award winners. Each year submissions get increasingly competitive, projects increase in diversity and ingenuity, and we are in awe of their accomplishments which truly represent good P2 in a changing world.

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Upcoming Events

We are pleased to announce the 2018 IAP2 USA Skills Symposium! In response to members’ expressed desires, we are planning a five-day training event that will deliver a variety of learning opportunities to our membership and networks.

The event will involve a wide range of courses of varying duration and topics exploring skills, tools, and techniques that support effective public participation. This training will be undertaken in a rich learning environment, with activities building a creative and supportive space for participants whether they spend a day or the week at the event!

The early bird deadline for discounted enrollment ends on December 13th, 2017! 

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Online Training for P2 Practitioners on the go!

Online training is an emerging service that we are offering for p2 professionals on the go. Our courses are designed to be engaging, challenging, and informational with the flexibility you need. 

We are excited to announce that we are expanding our education options by working with partner organizations to design courses reflecting industry changing techniques and design ideas! Spaces are limited and we want YOU to be there with us! 


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IAP2 November Webinar: Details coming soon!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM (PDT)

When the Mental Health Centers of Denver, Colorado, decided to open a branch facility in an economically depressed part of the Mile High City, it ran into public skepticism that could have bordered on hostility. But MHCD determined to overcome it not by pushing its own ideas, but by engaging with local people -- including gang members -- to find out what they needed and how those needs could be met. The result -- the Dahlia Campus for Health and Wellbeing -- has proven to be a source of community, activity and even food for the people in the area.

The City of Calgary, Alberta, was faced with the task of extending and improving the Crowchild Trail -- a major north-south transportation artery. This would cause disruption in a number of neighbourhoods and business areas, so the city launched a public engagement campaign to address the many and varied issues. Learn about the challenges the city faced and the tools and techniques that were employed, and how you can apply them to your own P2 projects.

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IAP2 Members can review the recording of the October webinar, featuring the Core Values Award winners for Organization of the Year -- the City of Burlington, Ontario (Canada) and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (USA). Check out our Webinars Page for more information.

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Yes, it is that time of year ... Board Nominations are now open. We are looking for people who are prepared to “roll up their sleeves” and make a difference in public participation in the U.S.

Nominations for the 2018-2020 IAP2 USA Board will close on Wednesday, November 9th, 2017.

For more information on what is needed and what could be required, please take a look at the Nominations Information Package.

In particular, the following skills or experience are needed:

  • Financial Management
  • Communications
  • Strageic Marketing
  • Collaboration and Outreach
  • Governance & Administration
  • International Relations (IAP2 Experience Required)
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Core Values Awards
Celebrate Excellence in Public Participation — participate in the annual Core Values Awards program! 

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Connects those new to the profession with experienced P2 practitioners.
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