The situation around COVID-19 may be uncertain, but at IAP2, we’re certain of this: a virtual Conference can be a success. The 2021 IAP2 North American Conference,will be a virtual Conference, happening in early September (dates to be confirmed). Now, we need YOU to take part in the organizing subcommittees. You are welcome to apply to all three committees!

Check out these opportunities:


The Sponsorship Committee is in charge of putting together relevant, compelling opportunities for potential conference sponsors to support the conference program. You’ll get to help build relationships and give attendees and vendors a chance to meet and experience some of the best people, firms, organizations and products in the field.

For newcomers to the field, this is a great opportunity to meet people; for seasoned practitioners, this is a chance to put your wisdom to work. This Conference has a history of long-standing sponsors!

Read the job description and apply hereDeadline to apply: January 30, 2021.


One of the things we learned from the 2020 Conference is that youcanconnect with colleagues, hang out with old friends and meet new ones and generally have fun in a virtual setting! 

As a Fun and Networking Committee member, you will be responsible for the social portions of thevirtualconference. The Steering Committee will be looking to you to identify and implement activities that will get people interacting and virtually engaged - giving participants the opportunity to have fun and network.

Read the job description and apply here. Deadline to apply: January 30, 2021.

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