Training Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation Program?

The IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation Program is a three-module, 5-day program intended to provide a broad-based learning experience covering all of the foundations of public participation. Developed in consultation with practitioners from around the world, the training provides useful tools for designing and implementing effective public participation programs.

When did the IAP2 Certificate Training launch?

The program was launched in successive years between 2000 and 2003. The training materials underwent a significant update in 2006/07.

How many people have completed the IAP2 Certificate Training to date?

Over 6,000 people have taken the Certificate Program courses worldwide.

For the IAP2 certification, which courses are required? I noticed on your website that four classes are listed but the description states that three are needed.

The three courses required for the Certificate are Planning (2 days), Communications (1 day), and Techniques (2 days). Planning must be taken first.

Can the classes be taken at different times during the year or do they need to be taken in the same week?

They may be taken at any time as long as Planning is taken first.

If taken separately, how does the pricing work?

All classes are provided by trainers licensed by IAP2. Payments are made directly to them at the prevailing rate. While rates are similar, dates and locations and the availability of special rates may vary from training to training. Training taken from different trainers will require separate registrations.

How do I find the closest training location to where I live?

Please visit the Events Calendar for details and locations.

Where can I find out more about trainers in the US?

Please see the list of IAP2-licensed trainers.

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