The conference was jam-packed with more than 350 people and 50+ sessions, plus tours of the "Birthplace of P2", four fascinating keynote speakers, and the IAP2 North American Core Values Awards Gala! It also offered opportunities to strengthen your skills, open your mind to new approaches, renew friendships with old colleagues, and make new acquaintances.

Canadian Karen Zypchyn couldn't be at the conference in person, so she curated the Twitter feed remotely. Here's what she came up with. Lots of potential topics, materials and speakers for future IAP2 events!

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Conference Presentations & Materials

Conference Guide

Wednesday, September 9th

Pre-Conference Workshop: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion a la Portland
Session Descriptions

  • Equity in Public Participation: It’s Not Just a Good Idea, It’s the Law
    Danielle Brooks, Ashley Horne, and Jeff Selby; City of Portland, Power Point (coming soon)
  • Perfect Imperfections – An Equity Listening Session
    Sylvia Ciborowski and Kenya D. Williams; JLA Public Involvement (No Power Point)
  • Beyond Collaboration: Empowering community-based organizations in the creation of an equity framework for Metro, Juan Carlos Ocaña-Chíu, Metro, Power Point
  • Engaging the WHOLE Community
    John Morgan, Chinook Institute for Civic Leadership and Emmett Wheatfall, Clackamas County (No Power Point)

Thursday, September 10th - Opening Plenary: Keynote by Anne Udall

“If It’s Not Okay, It’s Not the End: Lessons Learned about Public Participation”

Keynote VideoPower Point

Anne J. Udall is Chair of the Udall Foundation, a federal agency formed in 1996 to honor the work and legacy of her father, Morris K. Udall and her uncle, Stewart L. Udall. The foundation is dedicated to leadership development and conflict resolution in key policy areas and houses the Udall Scholarship and the US Institute for Conflict Resolution. Anne is the Executive Vice President of Program Strategy for the New Teacher Center. Prior to her work at the New Teacher Center, she was Director of Professional Development for the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) in Portland, Oregon. She spent nine years as Executive Director of the Lee Institute, a Charlotte NC non-profit dedicated to encouraging collaboration, problem-solving and strategic planning for individuals, civic organizations and community efforts. In addition, to her new job at New Teacher Center, Anne is serving as a faculty member for the American Leadership Forum programs in Oregon and the Charlotte region and is engaged in a number of community and non-profit strategic planning efforts.

Prior to coming to the Lee Institute, Anne was in public education for over 20 years. She was a teacher and staff developer in the Tucson Unified School District. She came to Charlotte in 1993 to serve as director of the Gifted Program in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. She served as assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction for five years and was responsible for major reform efforts in gifted education, AP and IB expansion, alternative and expanded assessment, and reading instruction.

Anne has authored numerous articles and the book “Teaching the Thoughtful Classroom.” She earned her undergraduate and master’s degrees from the University of New Mexico in education and was awarded a Ph.D. in education from the University of Arizona in 1987.

Thursday, September 10th - Morning Sessions

Answering the Angry Farmer
Craig Moyle, MWH Americas Inc.
Session DescriptionSession Slides (pdf)

We’ve Got Friends in Government Places
Kyle Bozentko, Executive Director, Jefferson Center, St. Paul, MN and Sandy Heierbacher, Director, National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation, Boston, MA
Session DescriptionPower Point

The Challenge of Science Communications
Lorrie Bonds Lopez, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Session DescriptionPower Point

P2 and Policing
Laurie Fenton, Manager, Traffic Stop Race Data Collection Project, Ottawa Police Service
Session DescriptionPower Point

The People’s Forests
Mike Anderson, Senior Resource Analyst, The Wilderness Society
Session DescriptionPower Point

Talking Crap in Public
Andrea Winkler, Program Manager and Sean Tynan, Policy Coordinator, Public Involvement, Liquid Waste Services, Metro Vancouver, BC
Session DescriptionSession Slides (pdf)

For Youth By Youth
Daniel Fusca, Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator, City of Toronto
Session DescriptionSession Slides (pdf)

Thursday, September 10th - Mid-Morning Sessions

Engaging the people who bear all the risk in building a decision making framework!
Stephanie Kelly, Senior Manager, Canadian Blood Services, Ottawa
Session DescriptionSession Slides (pdf)

The Problem with Problems in a Group
Tony Faast, President, Cascade Outreach Institute, Trout Lake WA
Session DescriptionPresentation Handout (pdf)

Public Money and Citizen Empowerment
Oana Almasan, Arizona State University, Participatory Governance Initiative
Session DescriptionPower Point

The Invisible Stakeholder
Andrea Gumm, The Langdon Group, Pocatello, ID
Jennifer Fowler, The Langdon Group, Salt Lake City, UT
Wendy Lowe, P2 Solutions, Idaho Falls, ID
Leah Jaramillo, Somers – Jaramillo & Associates, Salt Lake City, UT

Session DescriptionPower Point

Engage on Their Terms
Mandy Putney and Ray Outlaw, EnviroIssues
Session DescriptionPower Point

Creating Community Assets While Building Infrastructure
Monica Van der Vieren, King County Wastewater Treatment Division
Penny Mabie and Hannah Litzenberger, EnviroIssues

Session DescriptionSession Slides (pdf)

Harnessing Group Wisdom
Dan Hathway, Ethelo Decisions
Session DescriptionPower Point

Thursday, September 10th - Lunch Keynote by Denis Hayes

“Tweets from a Geezer: What Millennials Can Learn from the Successes and Failures of the Last Half-Century"

Keynote Video

Denis Hayes rose to prominence in 1970 as the coordinator for the first Earth Day which rallied more than 20 million participants around the world. Denis was born in Wisconsin and raised here in the Pacific Northwest in Camas, WA (BTW, Wisconsin and the PNW are both hotbeds of public participation), where the Hayes Freedom High School is named in his honor. A lifelong nature lover, he was student body president at Stanford University and a Vietnam War activist. He dropped out and hitchhiked around remote corners of the world for three years before returning to graduate. After he enrolled at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, he was tapped by Senator Gaylord Nelson's staff to organize the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, and he hasn’t stopped since. Earth Day is now celebrated in more than 180 nations and is the world’s most widely observed secular holiday. Denis continues to chair the international Earth Day Network.

In 1989, Denis helped found Green Seal, the first US-based third-party, eco-labelling organization and became its first Executive Director. Green Seal has developed over 30 environmental leadership standards and certified over 2,500 products and services.

Denis became the Director of the federal National Renewable Energy Laboratory during the Carter Administration. He then returned to Stanford and taught energy engineering while earning his law degree.

Since 1992, Hayes has been president of the Bullitt Foundation in Seattle, WA which was established in 1952 by Dorothy Bullitt of King Broadcasting. Its vision is: A future that safeguards the vitality of natural ecosystems while accommodating a sustainable human population in healthy, vibrant, equitable, and prosperous communities. By mobilizing the resources of The Bullitt Foundation, Denis intends to make the Pacific Northwest— which is arguably the best-educated, most environmentally aware, most progressive corner of America—a global model for sustainable development. With his wife, Gail Boyer Hayes, he recently completed writing COWED: The Hidden Impact of 93 Million Cows on America’s Health, Economy, Politics, Culture, and Environment (W.W. Norton, 2015).

Denis has been a visiting scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center, a senior fellow at the Worldwatch Institute, an adjunct professor of engineering at Stanford University, and a Silicon Valley lawyer. He has been a visiting scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center and at Bellagio. Among the dozens of governing boards he has served on are Stanford University, the World Resources Institute, the Federation of American Scientists, the Energy Foundation, Children Now, the National Programming Council for Public Television, the American Solar Energy Society, Greenpeace, CERES, and the Environmental Grantmakers Association.

Denis has received the national Jefferson Medal for Outstanding Public Service as well as the highest awards bestowed by the Sierra Club, The Humane Society of the United States, the National Wildlife Federation, the Natural Resources Council of America, the Global Environmental Facility of the World Bank, the Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility, and the American Solar Energy Society. Time Magazine named him as “Hero of the Planet,” The New York Times profiled him as Newsmaker of the Day, and Look magazine named him one of the 100 Most Influential Americans of the 20th century.

Thursday, September 10th - Afternoon Poster Sessions

  • Deliberative Democracy Goes Digital, Joshua Brooks, Cornell Law School
  • Visual communications supporting public involvement, Jen Colbert, Public Involvement Specialist, BergerABAM
  • La démarche de participation publique dans les projets de transport d’électricité d’Hydro-Québec and Public participation process in Hydro-Québec’s power transmission projects, Hugo Mimee, Hydro-Québec
  • For the people, by the people: The Citizens’ Initiative Review, Tyrone Reitman and Jessie Conover, Healthy Democracy
  • Educating for Engagement, Ashley Trim, Assistant Director, Davenport Institute for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership
  • The Project Outreach Planner (POP), Andrea Gumm, Project Manager, The Langdon Group

Session Descriptions

Thursday, September 10th - Afternoon Sessions

How do you “espresso” P2?
Theresa Gunn, President, GCI, Phoenix AZ
Session Description

Pacific Fleet’s 8 Steps to Trust
Allison Turner, Senior Director, Katz & Associates, Inc.
Session DescriptionSession Slides (pdf)

From the Comfort of your Couch
Kevin Martin, Technical Services Manager, Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
Session DescriptionPower Point

The Sky is Falling
Jeannine Parisi, Community Relations and Lance Robertson, Public Affairs Manager, Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB)
Session DescriptionPower Point

Drinking the Kool-Aid
Susan Jane Brown, Staff Attorney, Western Environmental Law Center; and Vice President and Co-Founder, Blue Mountains Forest Partners, Portland, OR
Session Description

The Battle to Save Open Reservoirs
Tim Hall, former Manager of Public Information & Involvement, Portland Water Bureau
Session DescriptionPower Point

Indigenous Corporate Collaboration
Anne Harding, Sr. Advisor Stakeholder & Aboriginal Relations, Suncor Energy, Calgary Dr. David Lertzman, Assistant Professor at the International Resource Industries and Sustainability Centre, University of Calgary
Session DescriptionPower Point

Brewing Sustainable Relationships
Christine White, Community Affairs Mgr and Sean Loughran, Long Range Planning Mgr, Port of Portland and Sam Imperati, Executive Director, Institute for Conflict Management, Inc.
Session DescriptionPower Point

Come In, We’re Open
Dr. Bruce Gilbert, Assistant Deputy Minister of the Office of Public Engagement and Greg Dominaux, Regional Planner of the Office of Public Engagement; Government of NL
Session DescriptionPower Point

Digital Engagement Down Under
Dr. Crispin Butteriss, Chief Practice Officer, Bang the Table Pty Ltd., Australia
Session DescriptionContact Slide (pdf)

Highly Involved
P2 for Legal Marijuana - Jeanne Lawson, founder JLA Public Involvement, Portland, and Rob Partridge, chair, Oregon Liquor Control Commission, Administrators of Washington and Colorado legal marijuana programs
Session DescriptionPower Point (Colorado) • Power Point (JLA Public Involvement) • Power Point (Oregon)

The Engagement Triangle
Amy Hubbard, CEO, Capire Consulting Group, Australia
Session DescriptionPower Point

Sewers, Not a Dirty Word
Linda H. Lovgren, APR, President/CEO, Lovgren Marketing Group
Session DescriptionSession Slides (pdf)

Bias and the P2 Professional
Tara Kuipers, University of Wyoming Community Development Education, Cody WY
Session DescriptionPresentation Handout (pdf)

Re-Imagining the IAP2 Spectrum (Discussion)
Stephani Roy McCallum, Dialogue Partners and Max Hardy, Max Hardy Consulting. Supported by IAP2 Canada (Anne Harding, Past President and Sarah Rivest, Deputy-Board Member).
Session DescriptionPower Point

Friday, September 11th - Opening Plenary: Keynote by Nanci Luna Jiménez

“No Recipes, Just Relationships: Looking Inward to Change Outward Expressions of P2”

Keynote VideoPrezi

Nanci Luna Jiménez is recognized regionally, nationally and internationally for her highly effective and insightful training, inclusive facilitation, and dynamic speaking with groups of diverse ages, industries, and cultural backgrounds. Following her passion, she founded Luna Jiménez Seminars & Associates in 1994 to design and deliver unique programs that encourage individuals in their process of personal transformation, releasing individual initiative to create a more just and equitable workplace and world. From members of US Congress, chiefs of Amazonian indigenous tribes, and Executive Directors to early childhood educators, students of every level and leadership fellows from every sector; Nanci has touched the lives of tens of thousands by offering them tools and frameworks that transform their lives.

Nanci’s unique approach to diversity, inclusion and social justice continues the legacy of work started with Dr. Erica Sherover-Marcuse, who coined the term “unlearning racism,” and continued by Lillian Roybal Rose, M.Ed., recognized Cross-Cultural Communication specialist. This approach helps participants take pride in their own heritage as a means of building alliances with others. Nanci uniquely combines this training along with facilitation methodologies developed by the Institute for Cultural Affairs (ICA), an international organization that provides training and facilitation in participatory group leadership processes for sustained organizational and social change. Nanci facilitates individuals and groups to look freshly at where they might be stuck while supporting them to make transformational changes they envision through: personal healing, cross cultural communication, group consensus, organization inclusion, and short and long term planning and implementation.

Nanci is currently enrolled in the “Social Justice Yoga Teacher Training” (SJTT) with the DAYA Foundation based in Portland, Oregon. In 2006 she completed the Executive Leadership Program through the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and the Center for Creative Leadership in Brussels, Belgium as a National Hispana Leadership Institute (NHLI) Fellow. In August 2001 she attended the United Nations World Conference against Racism Non-Governmental Forum in Durban, South Africa as a delegate with United to End Racism (UER). In 1995 she served as an international observer for the Haitian presidential elections. She was a Ford Foundation Fellow and a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and received her BA cum laude from Yale University. She also attended the Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Río Piedras and completed El Programa Interdiciplinario de la Mujer at the Colegio de México in Mexico City. Of Puerto Rican and Chicana heritage, Nanci was born in Detroit, MI, and raised in Detroit and Tucson, AZ. When not facilitating and training with LJS, you can find Nanci doing Bomba – an Afro Puerto Rican dance and drum tradition, practicing yoga – on and off the mat, and training for half marathons.

Friday, September 11th - Morning Sessions

It’s Geek to Me - Innovative Visual Public Engagement
Kelly Spitzley, Graphic Designer, HDR Engineering and Adrienne DeDona, Kalin Schmoldt, and Jamie Harvie, JLA Public Involvement
Session DescriptionSession Slides (Kelly Spitzley, pdf) • Session Slides (JLA Public Involvement, pdf)

Why Millennials are MIA from P2
Caroline Chaumont and Pauline Lambton, Project Managers, Acertys Community Relations Kanan Kothari, Director of Public Consultation and Engagement, Ipsos Public Affairs
Session DescriptionPower Point

Changing the Story: Digital Engagement transforming transportation outreach
Ken Mobley, Public Engagement Lead and Stephanie Brooks, Public Engagement Specialist, Michael Baker International, and Tim Watkins, San Bernardino Associated Governments
Session DescriptionPower Point (Stephanie Brooks) • Power Point (Dave Biggs) • Power Point (Tim Watkins)

Is Anyone Listening?
Penny Mabie, EnviroIssues
Session DescriptionPower Point

Tracking Impact
Dr. Ben Kadel, Director, Emotus Operandi, Inc., Port Moody BC
Session DescriptionPower Point

Collective Impact and P2
Sharon Farrell, Director of Park Projects, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, San Francisco, CA, Leigh Goldberg, Leigh Goldberg Consulting, Portland, OR, Mike Swezy, Watershed Resources Manager, Marin Municipal Water District, Corte Madera, CA, and Kevin Wright, External Affairs Coordinator, Marin County Parks, San Rafael, CA
Session DescriptionSession Slides (pdf)

DIY Engage!
Fiona Cavanagh, Executive Director, Centre for Public Involvement, Edmonton, AB, Iwona Faferek, Interdisciplinary Designer, University of Alberta, and Zane Hamm, Community-Engaged Learning Coordinator, Centre for Public Involvement, Edmonton Michaela Mann, Team Lead- Leadership, University of Alberta’s Students’ Union, Edmonton, AB
Session DescriptionPower Point

Friday, September 11th - Lunch Keynote by Andrew DeVigal

“Innovation and Engagement in the Evolving Media Landscape”

Keynote VideoResource Page

Andrew DeVigal is an Emmy-award winning innovative strategist who builds bridges by connecting ideas and people together to produce meaningful and interactive stories. He is the inaugural Chair in Journalism Innovation and Civic Engagement at University of Oregon's School of Journalism and Communication and the Agora Journalism Center where he is advancing public interest journalism, communication and the student experience. He was the multimedia editor for The New York Times and pioneered interactive storytelling with The Times’ long tradition of journalistic excellence.

Andrew and his wife Laura Lo Forti are co-founders of A Fourth Act, a collective of storytellers, facilitators, researchers, designers and technologists using stories and technology to empower audiences in becoming agents of change in their communities. He uses his extensive reach into various disciplines to connect the right people to collaborate and produce extraordinary work. With his exceptional knowledge of the possibilities and deeply innovative forward thinking, DeVigal has consistently demonstrated his ability to lead teams, engage audiences through purposeful user experiences, and invent creative new approaches to interactive storytelling.

A graduate of San Francisco State University, Andrew began his career as staff artist for the Contra Costa Times, and then was an informational graphic journalist for The Chicago Tribune. In 1995, be became the design director and web producer for the Tribune and designed the first of its kind Crimes Package where people could click on an interactive map to see the crimes reported in their neighborhood. He moved to Knight-Ridder New Media and created graphics using Illustrator and Photoshop, coded in HTML and javascript to develop and shape the user experience for products and services including Inkling, Just Go, CarHunter and Real Cities. Andrew was visiting faculty and a fellow for the Poynter Institute in Florida where he led countless design, graphics, photojournalism and interactive storytelling seminars and programs, and was a research associate and co-program director for The 2000 Stanford-Poynter Eye-track Research Project which studied online news site consumers.

For 16 years, Andrew was a co-principal of DeVigal Design, a graphic design and web consultancy firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area which received many accolades for its design work, particularly his hand in redesigning several online publications including The Honolulu Advertiser’s website, Albany’s (NY) The Times Union web site, The Associated Press, Newsday.com and several start-ups in Silicon Valley. During his four-year tenure as an associate professor at his alma mater San Francisco State University’s journalism department, Andrew had the privilege of working with a passionate faculty and was given the opportunity to push the curriculum in online storytelling and visual journalism. He led the online capstone class and published Xpress Online which won several online awards and received industry-wide recognition. During this time, he also conceived and created Interactive Narratives.

At the New York Times, Andrew was instrumental in helping to shape the overall transformation from print to digital by fostering an innovative and collaborative environment. Working closely with editors and reporters across disciplines of graphics, video, photo and technology, he pioneered new approaches to interactive storytelling while maintaining his commitment to journalistic integrity. He hired and managed a staff of multimedia journalists and technologists whose projects received many accolades including a Dupont and Emmy awards. Through his extensive reach, DeVigal expanded the team across disparate industries including radio, tech and motion design. And he helped conceive and produce story forms and processes that still influence The New York Times today.

Friday, September 11th - Afternoon Sessions

Want Fish for Dinner
Lindley Mease, Research Analyst, Center for Ocean Solutions at Stanford University, Eric Poncelet, Vice President and Senior Mediator, Kearns & West, Inc., and Sam Magill, Director, Kearns & West, Inc. Session DescriptionPower Point

A penny for your thoughts? Un penique por tus pensamientos? Пенни для ваших мыслей?” How a state DOT is ensuring that EVERYONE’s voice matters
Mike Mason & Shelli Romero; Oregon Department of Transportation, Joan Brown-Kline, Brown-Kline and Co., and Alex Cousins, HDR Engineering
Session Description • Power Point (Coming Soon)

Get Social: Aligning Messages Online
Catherine Smith, Principal, CityWorks People + Places, Inc., San Diego, CA
Session Description Session Slides (pdf)

The Art of Combining Physical and Digital P2
Dominique Ollivier, President and Jimmy Paquet-Cormier, Innovation and New Media Officer, Office de consultation publique de Montreal
Session DescriptionPower Point

Breaking the Ice - even when the ice is thick!
Gail Nugent and Scott Woodhill, Public Engagement Partners
Session DescriptionPower Point

Taking it to the Streets
Phyllis McDonough Robinson, Communications and Public Affairs Manager, and Craig Sanchez, Community Engagement Liaison, Park City Municipal
Session DescriptionSession Slides (pdf)

Build Your Leadership Muscles
Stephani Roy McCallum, Dialogue Partners
Session DescriptionPresentation Handout (pdf)

Municipal Engagement, Eh?
Amanda Mitchell, Public Engagement Specialist, City of Vancouver, BC; Lara Tierney, Engage Team Leader, City of Calgary Michelle Dwyer, Coordinator, Strategic Initiatives, City of Burlington; Daniel Fusca, Stakeholder Engagement Lead, City of Toronto; and Tiffany Skomro Public Engagement and Research, City of Winnipeg
Session DescriptionSession Slides (pdf)

From the Ring of Fire to Calm(ish) Waters
Thea Levkovitz, Toxics Cleanup Program; Adriane Borgias, Spokane River Water Quality Lead; Cedar Bouta, Shorelands and Environmental Assistance Program, Washington State Department of Ecology; and Ginger Wireman, Nuclear Waste Program, Hanford Nuclear Reservation
Session DescriptionPower PointVideo

All in the Modern Family
Sam Imperati, JD, Executive Director of the Institute for Conflict Management
Session DescriptionSession Slides (pdf)

3D Democracy Design Grid
Nancy Glock-Grueneich, EdD, Vice President and Tim Bonnemann, President, Intellitics, Inc.
Session Description • Power Point (Coming Soon)

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Technical Teams and P2
Joshua Torres and Dalia Gomez, Corporate Representatives, Southern California Edison
Session DescriptionPower Point

Group Works
Tree Bressen, Group Pattern Language Project, Eugene, OR
Session Description

IAP2 Professional Certification Discussion
Wendy Green Lowe, P2 Solutions, Idaho Falls, ID, Brenda Pichette, P2 Facilitators, Osgoode, ON, and Cassie Hemphill, Missoula College, Missoula, MT
Session DescriptionPower Point







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